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  1. Steinbrenner is embarassing himself. You can't just toss a young pitcher into a starting role, no matter how talented he is, he won't be able to make it through the whole season. Cashman put him in his place though.
  2. I really really really hope Philly eliminates them. I can't stand to watch Ovechkin dance around like a little school girl after every goal.
  3. I'm continuing to really enjoy watching this series. There have been great scoring chances, great saves, great hits. I wasn't really expecting this series to be as good as it has been, but both teams are really fighting to win this series.
  4. Would you really say Samsonov has potential? No. And is he past his prime? Yes. Packaging Letowski and Larose won't get us anywhere near the top tier d-man we need.
  5. Our old friend Oleg in the first one. Odd thing to see him actually playing some defense.
  6. Man, Price didn't look good AT ALL. His glove side got exposed, and he had a horrible turnover that led directly to a goal. I think he'll come back ready to win though.
  7. I really think you're overestimating Cole here. I can't really see how a guy at the age of 30 can have potential. He is already past his prime, and as far as his potential, its gone. He has already hit his peak, and Brooks Orpik made sure he wouldn't stay there long. For me, all Erik Cole is is trade bait for us to land that top tier d-man.
  8. I'm so glad the Flyers are doing well. I'll be glad if Washington gets knocked out in the first round.
  9. Price got his first playoff shutout, and I have a feeling that he is going to have quite a few more. Watching him, he has to be the most talented goaltender in the NHL right now. He is going to be a Vezina contender for years after this, and I really enjoy watching the guy.
  10. Well, I know this thread is old and out of season but I thought I would bring College Football back up for a second. I saw a friend of mine from Appalachian State this weekend, who happens to be on the football team, he was redshirted his freshman year, he plays defensive line. But what I'm getting at is, he showed me his National Championship ring from the most recent 'ship, and man that thing is awesome, just wanted to give another quick congrats to App State after seeing that fat ring on his finger.
  11. NHL amends unsportsmanlike conduct rule The NHL added a little bit to their unsportsmanlike conduct rule to stop guys from doing what Avery did in the future.
  12. Two offenses that definitely deserve bans!
  13. That was a nice little comeback by the Preds. Two goals in 9 seconds to take the lead, and they cap it off with the empty netter.
  14. Montreal has slowly gotten worse in every game. It was a joke in the first game, then an overtime win, and now an overtime loss.
  15. I was really not expecting the series to go this way. Dallas is really taking it to Anaheim. They are scoring a lot of goals against one of the best defensive teams in the league, and one of the top goaltenders.
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