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  1. Lots of good chat on this but the bottom line is, the on-ice action will speak for itself. We know our Colesy fits in the Canes locker room like a favorite glove. RBC is his home - again, the Canes organization and personnel are family. I for one am pure-and-simple looking forward to Friday night when there will hopefully be joy in Mudville when Casey once again is at the bat. Go, Colesy! Go, Canes!
  2. I did this in its earlier version sponsored by "Dear Abby". I ended up corresponding with two different young men who were Army. One was stationed in Bosnia during the whole Bosnia NATO campaign. He was a specialist who worked with a bomb-sniffing dog. The other soldier was Cavalry, and in the Middle East (his unit kept moving around). Both kids were under 20, and once they got started writing, kept up quite an interesting correspondence until they finally returned Stateside where there once again was a life to lead and we lost touch. They loved telling me about their jobs and life-while-deployed. I enjoy all the military techno stuff, so they loved to tell me about all that, and about how they live their lives during deployments so it was nice for them to have someone to share all this with without all the emotional attachments of family, girlfriends, etc. They would send me photos, unit patches, stuff from bulletin boards... all sorts of things reflective of their lives. It was fascinating. I even got a huge surprise: a Hard Rock / BOSNIA t-shirt. Apparently Hard Rock had set up a version of their bar/restaurant in Bosnia for the troops (can't do that in the Middle East because of the drinking laws). This is quite the collector's item and sits safely at the bottom of a drawer. Anyway, I heartily recommend joining Operation Troop Support. You only have to be yourself, and you can note that you're a hockey fan looking for a fellow hockey fan - just a deployed one. You can bet that someone will enjoy talking 'ice' from the desert with someone back home. Warning; if someone sends you email pics of camel spiders, you will fall off your chair, especially if they are of the HUGE variety. I got a whole series of them from one of my ne'er do well little friends in the desert who knew that any self-respecting female would have only one response: at the top of her lungs and in high "C". Oh, my.... Lots of toilet tipping over there, btw. For the poor Army guys, it's one of the standard 'guy fun' activities with lots of digital movies taken of the victims going over and then emerging with murderous intent.... It's all not just war...
  3. Hey Max - if you hear anything about Noah Babin's recovery - or lack thereof, could you post it? I cruise around on line to see if I can find a mention of anything current anywhere, but zilch. That doesn't surprise me, however. I feel so bad for the young man - drafted into the Carolina system and then his first year "on the farm" and a head injury takes him out of the game. And from the silence, it may have taken him out of hockey, period. What a personal tragedy for him, and I hope that whatever has happened that it doesn't mean that his ability to support himself via his Notre Dame degree is not kaput as well. Anyway, if you hear anything, please make a note, please. I'd appreciate it.
  4. Only a year's deal ? Joe is one of those guys that you expect to see on the ice forever... I don't know if he's like Brind'amour whom we'll see stuffed and motorized and on-ice in the Brind'aRoomba version rather than retired, but Joe is another forever kinda guy. And yeah, Joe - help the Avs squish the octupi of so-called Hockey Town when it comes time to cruelly shift their dreams overboard into Lake Huron. Gaaaaah on DE-troit!
  5. Sigh. Jan, I just thought that this 'beyond casual / beyond good taste' version of so-called business casual was just some horrid abandonment of self respect and standards of decency by my new colleagues in KCMO. My fellow professionals in where I lived in NC did NOT dress this way - even when it was hotter than hell and the humidity made the heat index over 115! Man, the gals here dress exactly as you describe, down to those flippin' flip-flops that used to be called thongs in my day, and were only seen on the pool deck or at the beach. The idea of being on city streets in those things, exposing one's own feet to the god-only-knows-what *edit* is on the streets.... aaaaaaack! Our judges regularly castigated my colleagues for COMING TO COURT in jeans and shirts cut down to where no one needs to see, and the damnable flip-flops! Are these people raised out in a pig field somewhere? And they would get all pissy and put-out when the judiciary would send out incendiary missives ordering that professionals dress the role in the court room. However, apparently illiteracy is a problem equally as concerning as the inability to dress for anything other than a beach outing. At least the lawyers I still dress appropriately... everyone else seems to spend all their clothing allowance on Sketchers as a way of "dressing up". sigh.
  6. [Agreed. Every position is up for grabs this year. I don't think Laviolette will put up with anything short of 100% effort every night this year. The players who want it more will get the ice time and if O'Neil comes in and works his tail off, I can see him taking Cole's spot on Staal's wing.] Ditto. This year I think the expectation is "Nothing Less Than EVERYTHING". Summer 2009 = Travels With Lord Stanley!
  7. IrishIce

    Julia Rowe

    How sad to learn of Julia's untimely death. She lived a life of courage and conviction and brought a special grace to the lives she touched, far beyond her immediate reach. Those who love her will never get over the loss of her presence, but they will continue to be blessed by the gift her indomitable spirit brings to their lives. They need only feel her touch in their hearts... It will be an especially meaningful tribute to dedicate the season to her as a memorial. She persisted on a courageous path, and indeed she has been ultimately rewarded. Relentless, indeed.
  8. Great pics, Kara. It's funky seeing our Bates out there as a royal blue leaflet like a blue jay among snowflecked cardinals. Looks like the guys are enjoying the heck out of themselves. Thanks for sharing, kara!
  9. This has all been a hoot to read! and just to clarify.... remember we all get pretty touchy the longer we go without hockey, and the closer we get TO the season opening. Hang in there, fellow Caniacs! We will make it to the first puck drop without drawing blood amongst ourselves / and the League. We all do wish our beloved Mr. Cole all the best in Edmonton, and that's the bottom line. We wouldn't be paying any attention to any Edmonton scribes if he hadn't been traded up there, let's face it. I just hope he and the family transition successfully up there and that they understand that there will always be a place in the heart of Carolina for them. When we play Edmonton, I will be working the Caniac mojo for our win, but I will hope that our EC has a great night for himself (we just will have a better one!). He'd just better hope that Carolina and Edmonton don't play each other for the Cup again while he's with them because the sad truth of the matter is that we will have to tie him to the trunk of a Carolina pine on the side lawn of Carter Finley while the Caniac board tail gate party "cooks" around him. No hockey for him! All's fair in love, war, and the Stanley Cup finals!
  10. I'm impressed at the speed at which the program director came right to the boards and addressed the concern. That's pretty good business acumen. Props to him and the station for being so responsive. Perhaps they would like to take over our beloved US gub'mint which grinds slowly and in ever widening circles...? Thanks to The Fan radio for keeping the Canes coverage up front! (and it's nice when we discuss something here and someone in charge can answer the questions and bring all the discussion to a halt - this sort of thing could have gone on indefinitely, and getting nowhere.)
  11. I am sory that I did not jump on that photo caption of Stormy being prevented from vaulting over the railing by Ron the Ref as "Stormy imitating Belfour".... I regret that I was not immediately available to leap to the defense of my ex-boyfriend (that would be the Dancing Queen, not Stormy). I have been busy hanging out at the theater to see repeated showings of Mama Mia! so that I can sing along and think of hockey, and tail gaiting, and Caniacs... and of course the old boarders know of what I write... Here's hoping the coming season brings us the birth of some more fun-tastic memories!
  12. I enjoyed reading some of the replies... especially the one about Jim O'Brien and his prodigious beak(hope I have the name right) who, if swimming on his back, resembles a shark in the water! (ba-da-bum!) And let's get Roddy's infamous malevolent, lazer-look-of-death stare right - it's the "hairy eyeball", not the furry one. Eeek! "furry" makes it sound like something left uncovered in the frig far too long...
  13. What an opportunity for Casey... professionally and personally to rehab with not only the Captain of his team but one of professional sport's celebrated iron men. With the addition of the 3 youngsters in the home, what a great atmosphere - it's not just a jock club, but a well rounded and well grounded support. No matter what happens either rehab-wise or in his professional future, this could end up being one of those unique and irreplaceable experiences that sets the tone for him personally for the rest of his life. Good luck, Casey! and once again, no surprise that our Captain demonstrates once more that he walks the walk. The truth now - how many of us, when hearing of the offer made to Casey, didn't immediately think: "How do I arrange to have my ACL and MCL's torn so I can sit by the phone and wait for a certain call ..." ????? sigh. We cannot help it - we are SUCH fans !!! (and not ashamed to admit it)
  14. jamminjoeyb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings and salutations, my cousin! Welcome to the Board! I am awaiting news of when they are going to retire Glen's jersey... anyone heard anything about this yet? I am hoping that this will not be a weeknight game, but rather one on a weekend...
  15. Ok, so I'm living out here in the Kansas City / St. Joe, MO area and driving up and down I-29 and around the greater KCMO metroplex... I have a Carolina Hurricanes license plate frame. In the parking garage or any shopping center parking lot, my gold Escape wears a Carolina Hurricanes window flag so I can find my car when I exit the store (the Ford Escape is manufactured here and there are gazillions of Escapes here - one time I came out to find mine one of 5 gold ones parked in a row!). Anyway, hockey fans out here are not exactly a dime-a-dozen. Football rules, and not necessarily the Chiefs. The fans out here wear their teams on their cars like billboards. I WISH Carolina had vinyl and/or magnetic stickers for car art like the other sports do. One gal out here has an Explorer that I see all the time decked out grill-to-tailgate with Oakland Raiders insignias (Raiders and Broncos are the Chiefs' two most heated rivalries). She has the coolest vinyl stickers I have ever seen that trick out this vehicle to show her support and I can only lament that such merchandise is not available to me as a Caniac. Be that as it may, my little old Canes license plate frame garners the looks.... hockey fans from other markets who are driving in this area will spy my meager and modest attempt at Caniac support and honk and then pull ahead of me so I can see their team insignia on the back of their car or referenced to in their license plate. We honk and wave like idiots because we know our kind (hockey fans) are not in the majority rule hereabouts. I'll drive up on semi-trucks hailing from Rocky Mount, Mt. Airy, and other places in NC and honk at them. I know they can see my tag, but it has no meaning. So I guess there ARE folks in NC who are oblivious to the Canes. The ten years I lived there (the Canes and I arrived the same year), I was never a fan of either the Hornets (absconded to New Orleans) or the Panthers, or now the Bobcats, but I certainly knew they existed. I thought quite frankly that NCAA sports in NC outshone in quality any of those teams. If Canes would like more recognition, I really wish they WOULD offer more ways for their fans to spread the publicity without them having to pay advertising dollars. I'm pretty sure that any of us, for the modest price for 'car art' would gladly drive around with our support for the Hurricanes visible on our cars. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to advertise the Canes for thousands of drivers every day since my property backs up to I-29 at mile marker 38.2 in Missouri. . . What a hoot that will be... a loooooooong way from "home" a shout-out for the Canes to everyone going north into NE, IA, SD/ND....
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