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  1. first of all no i had to change my account cause i was having problems with getting in my account secound of all i was agreeing with the guy who posted somthing befor me so STOP acting like a buffalo fan
  2. YOU KNOW WHAT I CANT JUST POST ONE THING WITHOUT BEING POUNCED ON YOU THINK YOU ALL KNOW EVERYTHING.And Grahame hes a nice guy have you ever met him?ya thats what i thought.Its not his fault Lavi doesnt play him,and the hes human being HE MAKES MISTAKES in the game of hockey youll see a mistake every second.SO GET OFF GRAHAMES BACK!
  3. I agree so stop pouncing all over people you look like a bunch of buffalo fans gosh darn
  4. Thank you! Wow i didnt know about.....that certain injury and he still played!
  5. Ya i hope so too!We neeed Cole and Walker 8)
  6. You know what drives ME "nutts" people who nit pick about everything! :evil:. Tanabe has been play ok the last few days.Grahame i love him even though no one thinks he's a good player
  7. DONT get rid of him at first we saw him and we thought WHO IS THIS GUY!!! hes not playin like a hockey player get the mighty mites out here!But he was gettin good!BUT THEN WE PUT HIM BACK IN THE AHL!!!!WE SHOULD OF PUT TANABE DOWN IN THE AHL!
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