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  1. I this is about the time when they made the trade for Darling last year.
  2. J R said he wanted to upgrade the look of the team hope this wasn't what he meant.
  3. Not sure if you knew but they worked together in Hartford.
  4. Reminds me of Mo in Russia, still can't see Mo coaching a KHL team in Russia in English with a translator. Not that could coach here in English either
  5. Colorado has pulled to within 2 points of us watch us finish last and still not get the number one pick
  6. I obviously wish The Whale never moved but we won't get in to that. That being said I am proud to be a CAROLINA Hurricanes fan. You guys are a great fan base . The trips I've made to Raleigh have been top notch including two finals games that banner raising and Ron Francis night(just had to relive the good times).
  7. I know this is a draft thread so I don't want to turn it into a lines thread but I think tlusty has earned his spot a the top line and I don't think he should be dropped not sure if Dalpe even belongs on the team next year he would really have to prove himself in training camp. I do agree it would be nice to get a top three pick.
  8. Now that we are pretty much done for the year I would like everyone's thoughts on who must go for next year. I think our top six if healthy can be pretty good (staal,staal Ruutu skinner tlusty and semin) beyond that Nash has shown some ability I would be willing to part with any other forwards we have on d the only must keep is Faulk Bellemore has some potential but I don't think he is quite ready for top six maybe our seventh. Not sure what we could get for any of our d but pits might have some return I also think it's time to move Gleason and or Mcbain willing to keep Harrison. We also need a new backup goalie for next year.
  9. I agree Jordan has been a disappointment so far but I don't think he's a crybaby. He was doing pretty good before Skinner was injured this season is lost but I would like to see a few games with staal skinner and Ruutu I still think when that line is healthy and has time to gel it can be a solid line. with Ruutu out we were filling his position by over slotting players.
  10. We only had two shooters the night we went to the shoot out does anyone know if jussi was going to be the third if it went that far?
  11. I think it made sense to move him next year he was going to be on the third line as long as Ruutu is healthy. With his salary we wouldn't be able to put anymore talent on the third line then we have. I hope we use the extra money to get a decent defenseman. I really don't know what to do with the bottom six anyone of them would be easy to replace.
  12. Malik was very clumsy when he was with the Whalers and Canes he was nicknamed Big Bird as he just looked out of place on the ice he developed after he left the organization. Some of the good draft picks we had were traded for other good assets Pronger was traded for Brendon Shannan which would have been a good trade if he wanted to play in Hartford but that trade led to us acquiring Brindamour so nobody can complain about that. Guigure was traded with Cassels for Gary Roberts ( we sure could use someone like him know) and Trevor Kidd. I hope we draft defense this year we need it bad.
  13. does it surprise anyone that jussi scored look at the talent he is playing with makes it easier for him. He was playing with fourth line talent(if that) for the Canes this year.
  14. Sounds like the government give a decrease of the increase and call it a cut
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