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  1. Does it seem a little odd to anybody that we're giving 2 experienced Cup players to the number 1 team in our division? Hmmmm ... seems to me we've already accepted our fate for the season and we're helping out the Sens. Why else would the Sens bother trading with us? They certainly wouldn't want to be helping us out.
  2. Dear Jimbo & Petey: Please feel free to take my tickets, my loyalty, the posters in my office and any other Canes paraphernalia I may have and stick it up ... well, just stick it!!! And yet another sacrafice is made of a really wonderful player. Somebody has to be the Scapegoat, don't they? Why not Kevyn? Hey, maybe we can trade Whitney next. Who cares whether he's our top point man ... He's too short. Isn't that why we're loosing? Or how about Justin? He's our top scorer ... but he's too damn cute. It's a distraction from play you know. Maybe we need to get rid of him too. Or how about Staal ... he is only our number three scorer this year ... we have two who are better than him. Why not get rid of Staal? Or that damn body on Brind 'Amour ... He's taking the spotlight away from you Jimbo & Petey. Time to get rid of him too. Those reasons make about as much sense as any you could come up with for trading Kevyn at this point. Or maybe we can find another CORE PLAYER to blame things on. Better yet ... Get rid of all our core players ... then you don't have to take any responsibility ... just blame it on a crappy team. What the heck could you guys have been thinking? I've been a fan for quite a long time. I have NEVER questioned one trade in the past. THIS TIME YOU GUYS MADE A SICKENING MISTAKE! Look out Craig Adams ... I'm sure you're next. Or how about Glen Wesley ... the Sacrifice King. He's another core player who gives it his all. Time to get ride of him too. Excuse me, I think I need to go throw up now.
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