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  1. No, not all Sabres fans are bad, but those who are obnoxious take it to a high level. I've never seen any other fans act the way the Sabres do at the RBC. Forming a gauntlet that people have to try and drive through to get in to the parking lot, walking through the concourse screaming at the top of their lungs, and turning to face Canes fans and making nasty comments throughout the game is poor sportsmanship. I blame RBC management for part of this because to me they shouldn't allow the blocking of traffic; it's not only stupid but dangerous. Is someone going to have to get hit by a car for them to stop this behavior? Yes there are Canes fans who act like idiots in retaliation. Frankly after the crappy attitude we have had to put with by the Buffalo fans (particularly since the 2006 playoffs) I'm not surprised that there are people who have had enough and fight back. I generally won't go when the Canes play the Sabres because I don't want to have to deal with these people, but then I feel bad because I know OUR fans should be in OUR house and support OUR team.
  2. A great game, but the group I was with agreed that it seemed like the Canes came out in the third with the thought "save the lead" instead of "try and score". And it seemed like half the time we were yelling at Cam to get back in net because he was "wandering" too far out. We won, and that's all that matters though! Did anyone else get a kick out of Walker loving on the fans after he scored the game winner?
  3. I was in section 108 and saw the Canes and Buffalo fans that got in to the fight at the end of the game. Two guys in suits showed up (I was told that one of them was the RBC Manager) to help break up the fight. One of the suits was almost knocked over a couple of times by the two Sabre fans. The last time I saw these unhappy Sabres they were standing in front of the mens room with three of Raleigh's finest. A friend of mine was in the ladies room during the second period and a Sabre fans tried to start a fight with her. My friend left the bathroom and waited until she saw this "lady" leave so she could go back in and finish taking care of business. Real nice. As many Canes games as I've been to the only time I've ever seen the police standing in every section through the entire game is when we played Buffalo. I know that not all Sabre fans are nasty but the ones who are seem to really take it to the extreme and that gives all of them a bad name. I was really proud of the Canes fans for overpowering the Buffalo chants everytime they started. Some of them tried to start a nasty chant against Cam in the third period but they were drowned out by Canes.
  4. I talked to Scott Jackson at 99.9 The Fan just before I left work this afternoon. He said that Glen Wesley told him Cullen is being evaluated this afternoon but the Canes don't plan to release any info until tomorrow.
  5. I can't remember everything that was said, but the main comment from Forslund that stuck with me was how on the bus after the game the guys were so quiet it was as if they had lost the game. Forslund said it was because they were not happy with their defensive performance; they all knew that it was an outstanding performance by Cam that kept them in the game (remember, that is Forslund's quote, not mine). He also talked about how focused the team is this year. He had some nice stuff to say about LaRose; how he was basically the only player who showed up to play the Caps and it was that determination that got him the move up the line for Thursday night's game. Forslund said LaRose has had to work hard for everything he's ever achieved in hockey. There was more but that's the most I can remember at this point.
  6. Hey PeteMoss - from the photo it looks like you might have had a good view of Commie's Canes/Cup tattoo on his ankle. Did you happen to get a look at it?
  7. Did anyone else besides me see Jason at the game last night? We were standing at the bar on the club level, and as we turned to walk away saw Jason standing nearby talking to a couple. He was dressed casual, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt/sweater. As people walked by him you could hear "Isn't that Jason Karamonis?" Considering the attention he was getting he seemed pretty laid back and relaxed.
  8. I was there also, so here's my two cents: from where we were sitting it looked like the Columbus goon who went after Ladd at the end of the second period was deliberately aiming for his nose. Since AL was still recovering from the battering to the face he got at a previous game I thought that was pretty crappy. We could see the TV screens from our seats, and loved the close up of Scott Walker arguing with a ref and then telling him "Oh xxxx off!" That was followed immediately by a misconduct penalty for Scotty. I loved the scrappieness of our guys tonight. As 300 said so well, Columbus came in to the RBC looking for a fight, and they darn well got one. I know the people who don't like fighting aren't happy, but take it from someone who was there, the Canes were justified in what they did.
  9. A friend of mine ran in the Friesen event a few weeks ago. Commodore was ahead of her, and she said that while Mike's not built like a distance runner, he was pretty fast. She was able to keep him in her sights, but couldn't catch up to him. Her quote "I guess getting rid of all that hair made him a bit more aerodynamic!"
  10. I thought Grahame also has a black Escalade.
  11. A girl I work with ran in to a bunch of players after practice on the 14th at the Whole Foods on Wade Avenue. She was on her lunch break and Nic Wallin, Johnny Grahame, Tim Gleason, Justin Wlliams, and one of the new guys were in there eating. Someone else from work said she saw Commodore at Crabtree Mall Thursday night.
  12. That's correct; and Mark is very excited about these shows. At the moment the idea for Coach Lavi's show is a once a week, one hour show to be broadcast from a sports bar.
  13. Yep, we sure do, but the format on 99.9 isn't going to stay the way it is now. I talked to Dave Shore who is the new Program Director at the station and he said the music is only temporary until the flip to sports talk.
  14. It's going to be rock until the switch to sports talk radio.
  15. More good news - Coach Lavi is definitely going to have some type of talk show. The details are still being worked out.
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