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  1. That was way back iduring last year's playoffs...he was just acting like a jerk when they weren't winning.
  2. tee hee...we are being so mean...ah...but he deserves it...what with calling Brind'Amour a cheater last year and everything.
  3. "I'm a guy, and I'm comfortable enough with my manhood to tell everyone that Rod Brind'Amour is the sexiest man in hockey. (It's also possible I say this because some people have told me I sorta look like him, ya know, except for the zero body fat part.) Screw Mike Modano and what's his face from Los Angeles... Brind'Amour is where it's at. If I was a chick, I'd stalk him." AAAAAAAAAaaaaaahahahahahahaha! AAAAAaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaa...TarheelMike...whoever you are...you are freaking hilarious...ROFL...all the way out in Newfoundland, Canada....
  4. Hey people...I HAVE to stop watching...going to the nice fresh freezing cold outdoors to pollute the air with lots of cigarette smoke...at 1:30 AM...This is what the Canes have driven me to!!!!!!!!! But before I go, anyone know any of the details about Brind'Amour...something about a lower body something or other...I'm in a bit of a panic...
  5. Ooh...BUFFALO...I just hate them...and a lot of their fans are jerks too. Now, I don't really have a logical reason for hating them, cause lets face it, they are good...really good. I think they a similar game as compared to the Canes...So I call them Carolina's EVIL twin. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha....this is me laughing at my own "wit"...aaaaaaaaaahahahaha Its been a long day.
  6. 29 Hmmm...I wonder if there is a better way to do this...a little survey perhaps... I would take on the challenge...however I'm not that computer savvy...guess we'll see if this is as interesting to anyone else...
  7. 233. Your day to day mood is directly related to whether the Canes won or lost their last game. 234. You become so involved in the games that you apologise for them when one happens to accidentally bang into a ref or linesman...aaaaaaahahahahaha
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