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  1. Good Question! The answer is because he now has no one to place the blame on but himself and he'll never do that. If he put's the blame on Mo then he's just admitting he made a mistake in the coach change so either way the only thing he can do is still blame what's happening to the team on Lavi. I agree with what someone else already stated. Lavi is too classy of a guy to lash back out. he'll probably avoid the media.
  2. Right now we really can't afford to lose a game. If we're going to make the playoffs this season we've got to win win win. I think we just can't take a chance until Leighton can improve. I'm sure if Cam hits a cold streak they'll give Leighton another shot. if we hadn't fallen so far behind I think Leighton would have played last night.
  3. I stayed again this year, but it took me about 10 minutes to just get inside the door to go the the dance floor and another 7 minutes or so just to turn around and walk back out the door. I made my way down to the seats and sat there the entire time watching the jumbotron and the UNC game on the tv screen in front of me. I also chatted with several friends and other then the crowd that I think is way too much to be confined to that one area I had a great time. never ran into anyone that was being obnoxious. I did notice several police officers standing around so I think the RBC is at least trying. I know they can call for backup but in my opinion the few I saw wasn't enough for the size of the event. I can't complain at all about the fireworks since that's about what I see in Wilson every 4th of July. I think it was a nice extra they added. Someone mentioned skating in the new year and I think that's a great idea. Open up the rink and let families that don't won't the bar scene skate with their kid's. BTW, I was sitting 2 sections over from Dancin' Granny and she received a huge round of applause or in my case horn blowing. lol!
  4. The black jersey's weren't as intimidating as we thought they'd be.
  5. Didn't you mean to say "please drive through the nearest Microsoft store to get this fixed"?
  6. This thread starting turning ridiculous yesterday....
  7. Only hate the #666 but other than that no I'm not superstitous at all. I don't feel the need to put on X on my car window if a black cat runs out in front of me or if I break a mirror I'll get 7 years of bad luck. LOL!
  8. Gotta post again because I hate the 1666 # my posts are showing now....LOL!
  9. You're forgetting about the hockey game. Let's imagine the arena with no children around. Look how many empty seats we'd have. We can't even get the place full with the entire family. All caniac97 is trying to point out is the RBC should raise the age limit to 21 and older instead of advertising "family friendly". Let's face it...what is there to do for the younger ones? Nothing at all! So is it for all ages....No way! They need to advertise it differently instead of letting people guess what age is appropriate and what will my children be subjected to. There is nothing wrong with leaving the kids at home, but most parents like myself had rather be spending the new year's with their children instead of getting obliviated. Can't anyone have fun anymore without making an *ss of themselves?
  10. I totally agree with what caniac97 is saying. I don't think I've ever witnessed the RBC employees turning away a drunk that wanted to pay for another beer. I did however, get a man thrown out the last game I went too because he couldn't hardly walk and was hitting on the teenage girls beside him. He also had 2 very young boy's with him and when we asked the boy's who was driving they said the man was. A RBC employee got security involved and later told us that when the police arrived and did a breathalyzer on he blew way over the legal limit. They called him a cab and gave the cab driver his key's. That family was lucky someone was looking out for them that night. Things could have turned out a lot worse. If you can't control your intake then you should be man/woman enough to stay off the streets where you put yourself and others in danger. Everyone thinks they are ok but if they were video taped maybe then they could see how much of an *edit* they made of themselves.
  11. That is just wrong wrong wrong!!! My daughter and her friend last year that was almost 18 didn't even leave my side the entire time. If I went to the restroom they went also. We danced in a huddle the entire time. There was little kid's around 10 maybe dancing with their mom right beside us. never saw them leave the children. What can I say, It's a lot of people and I'm sure that everyone doesn't see all that goes on. I'm the type that doesn't even let her 12 and 15 yr. old ride bikes alone in the neighborhood so I don't approve of this type of behavior and think that these parents don't deserve to be a parent. next time they should leave them at home with a caregiver if they're just going to put them in the hands of a complete stranger. Luckily you were there for them like you stated. There are too many shady people out there to do this type of thing even at the RBC.
  12. I'm sorry for those that had a bad time. I don't drink and was on the dance floor the entire time so not EVERYONE on the dance floor was drunk!!! Like I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't have stayed with anyone under the age of 12 if I had to pick a limit, but I'll have my 15 yr. old and a 16 yr. old friend and we plan on staying unless something changes between now and then. I didn't have problems with anyone and I can't stand stupid acting people that don't know when to call it quits for the night. I think it's nice that the Canes do this for us and if people are just going to complain they should just leave after the game. I don't have any tolerance for adults acting like an idiot so I guess my experience hasn't been the same as others. Just my 2 cents worth. It's a call you have to make as an individual.
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