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  1. The problem is we have a team made up of soft offensive minded DMen along with small forwards who play on the perimeter. Not a good combination for a coach's pre-lockout style.
  2. Due to the jinx factor I fully expect Toskala to get a white wash tonight. If not, it is all but a certainty "Swiss Cheese" Theodore will shut the door on us Thursday.
  3. Torts in Raleigh as a Christmas present
  4. This is the very reason Lavi is on the hot seat. Missing the playoffs did not sit well with JR. Reading between the lines on what JR has said this summer it seems to me he is quite upset Lavi didn't suck it up and abandon his "push forward at every opportunity" strategy in order to sit back and gain the valuable point in certain games. The 1-0 loss in Nashville being an example of that.
  5. Patrick Eaves signed to a three year deal. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app?article...mp;service=page
  6. It took Bodreau a couple of weeks to light a fire under the Caps.
  7. This was also rumored to be one of the reasons for his demise on Long Island.
  8. I wish he only had ten lackluster games this year...and the April 4 game was a not good one to lay an egg in. I think Cole is the most over valued player around the NHL on our roster. If we can get a tough skilled young DMan in return for him I would hope that JR pulls the trigger. Especially since he will be a UFA after next season.
  9. I'd be curious to see if JR feels the same way after the game Cole played Friday night.
  10. The Caps are a hard working honest team with a superstar who loves to play the game. I have no problem with them finishing in the 7th or 8th spot. The Panthers on the other hand are a bunch of whiners who get no respect from me. I really hate to say this but I'd rather see Lindy and the Slugs in the playoffs before Jacques Martin and the Kitty Cats.
  11. 4-3-1.....Losses on road to TB, FLA, and WASH. A shootout loss at home to the Craps. We finish with 92 points.
  12. Eaves has far more talent than a 4th liner. When he is 100% you'll see he belongs as one of our top 9. We didn't give up Stillman and Commie to get someone who plays 5 minutes per game on the Brookbank/Letowski line.
  13. Third line with Walker and Aucoin. Eaves is a nice upgrade over Bayda who can move to the 4th line while Conboy goes to Albany.
  14. This is how I would like to see the forward lines a month from now: Cole/Staal/Whitney Samsonov/Cullen/Stillman Walker/Brindy/Ladd Pick three from the remaining forwards
  15. If I were in Lavi's shoes and I had all of my forwards healthy this is how the lines would look: Cole/Staal/Whitney Samsonov/Cullen/Stillman Walker/Brindy/Ladd Pick your three from: Hamilton,Letowski,Adams,Larose,Brookbank
  16. I like what I have seen out of Trevor this year. I too think that he has third line ability and is an outstanding penalty killer. His finishing skills aren't tops but he is smart and has good hockey sense. He gets cheated ice time on this team due to the outstanding depth of top 6 guys we have and by the fact that our coaching staff has some kind of love fest for Larose. His best quality might be his attitude. Despite being short changed ice time he works his butt off on every shift and keeps a good sense of humor.
  17. Ice time for centers last night: Brind'Amour 28 min Staal 23 min Cullen 16 min I just don't understand this. Matt Cullen has far and away been our best center in the games this month. He is rightfully on the first PP unit. He is an excellent penalty killer, that is one way the Rangers did use him properly. And as for even strength, he is at least the equal of Brindy at the moment and won't even spend the time going into detail as to how he is outplaying Staal. Matt is super talented, defensively responsible, and works hard every shift. Its time to reward him with the proper ice time and quit giving it out based on potential and/or past performance.
  18. After about 5 minutes of Bobby "The Chief" Taylor, the Bolts color man, I am ready to jump out of my second story window. He is the absolute worst.
  19. You hit the nail on the head with that one. Some of the coaching decisions lately have been questionable to say the least. Keeping LaRose in the Top 6 is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I feel sorry for players like Seidenberg, Ladd, and even Letowski who can't seem to buy ice time or are scratched while others like LaRose and Adams get time on the Top 2 lines and show nothing for it. We are going to ruin Ladd by playing him 5-8 minutes per game and burying him on the bench after every mistake he makes. Please let Ladd develop...although I have a feeling some other team will get that job after we trade him.
  20. Chad is the perfect fourth line energy guy and a good penalty killer. I don't think when all of our forwards are healthy he should be seen in the top 9.
  21. Does the office complex Trinity Place, across Edwards Mill from the Wendys, allow parking for the hockey games ?
  22. Very true. I budget my ticket purchases based on the fact that I have been able to park free at the fairgrounds. Does anyone know of any other free lots in the vicinity of the RBC? It actually does me good to get a long walk in to and from the arena.
  23. Anyone know if the fairgrounds lots will be open after the fair is over ?
  24. I would like to see them add one of the NY Ranger games and drop one of the three Panther games.
  25. I don't think Boynton will make it to us
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