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  1. I think that anything from New Jersey (including the Boss' song from last year) is a very bad idea..... -LoCo
  2. I miss our FANS from last season. Sure our team has been hot and cold and hot and cold.... but this is the first season I have ever known our fans to give up on our team so early!!! We can't dwell on the championship from last year... this is a new season and a different team. And win or lose we should always be proud of our hockey team. AND ALSO... STOP leaving the games early when we are not leading. I've been a season ticket holder since the 2000-2001 season and this is the only time I can ever reameber our arena emptying out w/ 6 minutes to play when we are only down by 2 goals.... The FANS are just as much a part of the sport as any one else.... and this is especially true in Hockey!!! Suck it up guys.... our team is struggling... but we can give them some motivation and something to play for I think. -Loco.
  3. That's true. He just keeps his bags packed. and as much as I'm not a Bayda fan I'm sure that if he stayed up long enough to get comfortable then he could potentially produce a little more offence. And I do know that potential doesn't win hockey games. -Loco.
  4. Great! Bayda is back..... maybe he can distract the on ice officials long enough for Commie to actually get away with an awful penalty. ok... that was wrong... slap me!!! *slaps myself* I kind of like Ryan Bayda! -Loco.
  5. I was once a Tanabe "hater." Once the people who sit aroud me at the games looked at me and asked "what do you have aganst that guy?" But I can honestly say that (since Christmas) Tanabe has been one of my favorite players on the team. With the exception of the goal he scored aganst this own team (Vs. Washington last month) he has greatly improved his game. And he "stood up" for Brind'Amour after the Knee to Knee hit (I don't remember who we were playing that game). -Loco.
  6. I don't think that is the case. He does want us to win. It's just that the asking price is too high. we don't have many draft picks to trade and the only prospect we have worth trading is Ladd.... if we traded Ladd then we would be right back in the same boat we are in now... with too many defensemen and not enough good forwards. I'm sure if we could get Carter from the BlueJackets in exchange for a healthy defenseman and a future consideration then the deal would have already been made. Everything will work itself out. -Loco.
  7. I'm not sure who's fault it was that the puck got to the corner.... But the argument could be made that Staal stayed back to try and block the passing lane (not thinking that Hosa would actually shoot the puck at Ward). I'm not saying that this perspective is correct... it's just a little different take on the situation. -Loco.
  8. Rutherford beleives in 2nd chances. He brought Bullerice here twice (he had a similar situation to Bertuzzi when he was in the minors).
  9. Is the trade deadline the 20th... or the 27th? I seem to get confused about dates and such. -Loco.
  10. Cole plays very hard.... There is no telling how many injuries that he could have through the season that he just plays through that nobody knows about..... He just plays very very hard and rough... and he's going to get injured.... and the cool thing is that doesn't stop him from continuing to play hard and Ron Mexico is the BEST username here!!!!! hahahaha... that is awesome!!! -Loco.
  11. The music people @ RBC Center are on crack.... They go from Vanilla Ice and Hansen to the God-Awful Nickleback..... I want to package up some He Is Legend for them to throw on.... -Loco.
  12. Growing up my parents used to say to me: "if it's not broken don't try to fix it...." I mean.... There were things about the league before the lockout that needed to be fixed.... and there are still some things that need to be fixed (like on ice officiating).... I think the jerseys should be the LAST thing on the leagues list of things that they need to work on. But I don't think they will look bad.... -Loco.
  13. No... that's not what my point was at all!!!! Someone had suggested that he Belanger was more concerned with what was best for himself BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE ALL DO AT OUR JOBS. My point was that in order for a team to win the stanley cup.... everyone on that team has to do what is best for the team and not for the individual. From the article it sounded like Belanger was more concerned with himself than with the team aspect of the game. My other replay was me being a wise A__ :-P sorry to confuse everyone.
  14. Yeah.... I think Allison would be a bad idea. He was a really really good hockey player at one time.... but I think with his injuries he missed too much time and can't really catch up.... it's too bad too.... because I really like that guy. -loco.
  15. I'm not sure that I know his history aganst the admirals.... What's the story?
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