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  1. Well, using my user name, I guess "Philsy" or "The Doctor" might be appropriate... My actual first name being Declan (Deck-lin), as far as that goes, I guess "Decs" or "Deckers" might work.
  2. "Has loads of offensive potential".... I've heard the same about Tim Gleason too....
  3. 0-3 in overtime thusfar...I'm not so sure I'm content with this trend...
  4. I also meant to add this: if Jon Beason continues to improve and make himself known at the rate he currently is, he'll be one of the few first-rounders we have who actually PLAY like one. Nice draft pick thusfar - though Keary Colbert had that said about him HIS rookie year too. Speaking of Colbert - it's about time he had a NON-horrible game. Some nice catches today, for sure. Keep it up man! Not many people get this 2nd-receiver position handed to them for no reason like you have, so you better keep taking advantage of it!
  5. I'm really glad we won, don't get me wrong, but this game doesn't comfort me in the least regarding the future of our season. We finally played with some attitude and heart, but that's all we had today. Horrific play-calling, horrid execution (particularly on offense), and the perpetuation of our knack for playing down to opponents just continue to mar every game. The fact that we BARELY beat this 0-3 (now 0-4, thank goodness) 'Aints team should tell you something. All the average/decent teams we've played (Tampa, Houston) thusfar have forcefully proved that we're a LONG way from their level - that is, decent. Here's hoping for the best against Arizona next week...another "decent" team.
  6. My thoughts exactly - do they not TEST these things beforehand? Surely there were some spare hockey players around (doesn't matter what league) who could simulate a few games to see how the jerseys fared!
  7. Hey, why was I mentioned second!? Ha ha, only messing - thanks everybody. Very thoughtful of you all!
  8. Same here. I have to travel WAY too far from any major sporting event to treat it as just a trip to the mall or something. Having it rough helps you appreciate stuff better, I've learned. As for MY commentary on the Panthers..."performance"... I smell another 8-8 season. We win the first game (as long as it's not a home game), and then get that uncanny high-and-mighty feeling. Then we get put in our place and lose a game. THEN we decide "Hey, they can't do that to us!" and we win another game. Then, we get full of ourselves, and complacently lose again, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle all season long. That's what I sense coming, I really do. Of course, you have to allow for a few freak wins and losses to take place (beating teams we aren't supposed to beat, like the Colts, while losing to teams we SHOULD beat, like the Falcons). But in the end, if we get a wildcard berth in the playoffs, I'll be significantly shocked. With coordinators like Trgovac putting us in Prevent "us-from-winning" defense all the time (who in their right mind would put Peppers in PASS COVERAGE for more than 3 plays a game???), a line that ONLY wants to perform decent run-blocking against the Rams and no one else, a special-teams unit that takes the term "special" to a whole new level, a set of 2nd and 3rd string receivers who couldn't catch E. coli from tainted spinach, and a coach who simply REFUSES to alter any of these negative factors (how on EARTH could Colbert possibly be more deserving of a spot than Dwayne Jarrett?)....it spells trouble for this team, it really does. Because they're the exact same reasons we missed the playoffs last season, and so far, improvement is NOT being shown, with the exception of Jake Delhomme's play thusfar. Hopefully that improvement alone will help us win just enough games to get into the playoffs - and maybe by then, the other negatives will be ironed out enough so that we can make a run. Because this team truly is talented enough to do it - I just hope they can adapt to the things holding them back. Because if they don't, history WILL repeat itself. Believe it or not, I do love this team - it's just a tough love cultivated from years of missed playoffs, questionable coaching, heartbreaking losses, and Dan Henning. With all that venting outta the way - LET'S GO PANTHERS!!!
  9. Am I the only one who really doesn't care for the new Washington jersey/logo? I realize that a "Capital" is not the most exciting or distinct thing in the world, but surely having an actual picture for a logo couldn't hurt, could it? I'm sorry, but every time I see that jersey, all I see is virtually a paragraph with a hockey stick thrown in. Whenever you see a shrunken version of their logo crammed into a tiny pixelated rectangle (such as looking at a score on a website or something), it then begins to remind me of an eye chart, testing my ability to try and distinguish each letter... Bottom line - if I have to READ your logo, and it takes up more than one line, something about that bugs me. I'm from the backwards picture/few-letters logo age, I suppose. Not that I don't like reading, I just feel that the name on the back of your jersey should do it. Sorry, but I had to vent this somewhere - that jersey's been bugging me for a while now!
  10. I've always harbored a strange desire to see our team play an intra-squad BASKETBALL game, free to the public. I don't know, some workout/charity event or something. It'd be morbidly fascinating to me, at least. Back on topic, though, it seems like the Red team has WAY more starters going for them, with the exception of the goalie position. Should be fun!
  11. I am SO glad they're trying to go through with this. I don't know about you guys, but I'm kinda sick of seeing the Florida Panthers half the season...
  12. To me, it's not so much that we lost 3 preseason games....it's how our starters LOOKED in those 3 losses. Did the Colts starters look disjointed and laid back in their 0-4 preseason last year, or just their backups?
  13. Well, once again we release Taye Biddle. What more does the guy have to do to get a job on this team? Just 'cuz he fumbled a couple of punt/kickoff returns he's suddenly no good? HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO RETURN KICKS! I suppose we should cut Jordan Gross too, since he probably would fumble a kickoff too. I've never pulled for a Tampa player in my life, until they signed Biddle. I hope he shows them how good he can be (except for when they're playing us ).
  14. ALWAYS wanted to play piano/keyboards and drums (LOVE listening to that stuff), but my body has an exceptionally horrible resistance to wanting to practice, and everyone knows that you gotta practice to be good. I've tried lessons too many times and fell short too many times - either too busy, too tired, or just too dang lazy. In every case, I was too SOMETHING to practice. So I just don't waste any instructor's time with any lessons anymore.
  15. I tell ya, ECU is put in a very awkward position this weekend as being the first team Virginia Tech plays since that horrible tragedy. It reminds me a lot of when the Carolina Panthers had to be the first team that the New Orleans Saints would play since Hurricane Katrina. It's that one game where everyone pulls against you except the die-hard fans of your team... Regardless, hopefully this football season will help the VT students and associates continue to cope the best it can.
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