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  1. Nice 6th post Where were you when he stole 2 points for us in Florida a week ago?
  2. Odds are we both miss the playoffs, yet the Sabres get a better draft pick
  3. This week didn't cause us to miss the playoffs... November through the All Star Game caused us to miss the playoffs... and to be realistic... the teams we beat during our tear... They weren't the great teams of the league. We were beating up against scrubs and non-playoff teams. Heck, at this point, I think since the All Star Break we're only going to have like 4 wins against playoff teams. And yes, even I predicted this collapse a week ago, and I was railed on for it. The signs were there, its just that nobody wanted to pay attention to them because things were just going so well at the time.
  4. Yikes... I agree with you Well, I agree with everything but the Lavi must go stuff. We'll just agree to disagree there. But Cam played great down the stretch and its unfortunate that he had to end it with a poor performance like that, but there are bigger and more glaring problems with this team than his one night performance. And yes, Cole needs to go
  5. And I would just like to say, with how much flak I get on this board for speaking my mind and telling it like it is, I am on point more times than not, and this post is direct proof. I nailed my prediction down the stretch and I got railed for being an overly pessimistic jerk with it.
  6. Yeah, only because they all have to play against the best team in hockey If Detroit was in the Southeast, the only team in the Southeast with a winning record would be Detroit
  7. 7 point lead with 7 games to go all we had to do was go 4-3, but we collapsed... collapsed while getting guys back from injury... against the worst teams in the worst division in hockey
  8. can you honestly disagree all they have to do is make overtime and they win the division and we play golf and they're playing against a tired team who is going to take the night off because they just eliminated us
  9. 4 shots topshelf stickside 4 goals topshelf stickside Cam has a glaring weakness and it was exposed tonight
  10. Well thanks for that... I mean I'm sorry you don't like it when people tell you how it is but hey, thanks for those personal insults... hope it makes you feel good
  11. Defense was atrocious all year and it cost us the playoffs... too many people to count that need to be either cut, traded, or forced to retire on our blueline...
  12. The Southeast is the worst division in hockey... to choke like this not only in the fashion we did but in the division we're in... this is possibly one of the biggest chokes in hockey history
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