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  1. I guess now that we have Aaron Ward, we won't resign Seidenberg.
  2. Don't forget the Bruins, Caps/Alex the Great, and Flyers. Yay! I am filled with so much joy over this lovely news. Can't you tell how happy I am?
  3. I for one, do like the thought of using 1 boardname for all chatboards. Our chat board will have some more traffic, which I believe we need (just not all of the extra traffic being trolling of course). Ref, will the appearance of the chat boards look different?
  4. Well guys, I think its safe to say we won't see Staal get a really good winger to play with him anytime soon. Unless one of our current guys REALLY steps his game up (which is unlikely). Ah, oh well. I'l just play my NHL videogames to live that out a little bit
  5. Lol, before I read your post, I edited my post to say that. Thats a real big reason why theres a sense of impatience and worrisome.
  6. Mainly because alot of people (myself included) are really hungry for the team to do really well since we missed the playoffs 2 seasons in a row after winning the Stanley Cup. To win it all, and than not make the playoffs two years in a row, has made the fans asking for more out of the team. And, its the offseason. Where fans make silly little dream teams *Edit* I forgot to mention, after making the Eastern Finals this postseason, we fans have even more of a hungry for the 'Canes to do really well.
  7. This wasn't the year to expect us to make a splash in the free agency. Next free agency, we should be more active since we have alot of players contracts that will end after this up coming season. Still, would have liked us to go after say... Zanon or a good winger. There is still time for us to pick up a free agent, it just looks less likely we will at this point.
  8. Clearly, since their All-Stars like Gaborik right? Didn't expect JR to do much, but didn't expect he would get this very little done today. Gaborik for 7.5 million a year? Yea, thats an overpriced contract considering how injury prone he is. Montreal basically has a whole new team. Its unreal how many new players they got out of the free agency.
  9. If Cole signs a contract for another team, and if Kabs goes to the KHL, that opens up alot of money for the free agency. If that happens, we could go after a big name player. We'll see. I trust JR will make the right choices.
  10. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...rticleid=431918
  11. Ah, yes the Flames. Won't be alot of talent to pick from at 51st. We'll really have to search for a diamond in the rough.
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