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  1. Thank you all! We didn't go too crazy, it was a pretty calm at the 300 household. I'm slowly getting in my cards and presents.
  2. *goes off to hug my door of Commie posters and sulk* Why would they trade Cory and Mike?! They were having great seasons with us! I could say something else about this but I think I'll hold my tongue this once....
  3. You know what's weird, I think me and K got the same shot of Franky, just different angles!
  4. Great shots 2630! I didn't think that one of me would turn out so well. most of my goalie pics are John and not Cam, for a nice Welcome Home. http://picasaweb.google.com/tabatha.fear/H...slanders1222008
  5. Thank goodness Frank's okay! I would hate it for his wife and little girl if something happened to him.
  6. you left out th one movie i'm looking forward to... Twilight! it's a movie based on the best selling book by Stephenie Meyer. production starts at the end of Feb and might be out before the end of the year. Yes i am keeping a VERY good eye on it
  7. *jumps up and down like a little kid* IT'S SNOWING IT'S SNOWING!! YAY!!!
  8. that was the time if the 22"s of snow, that was sooo fun. I think i was 10 years old so i got to be a little kid in the snow. and mom, if you make a snow man you know i have to get pics of it . I WANT SNOW! I want another 22"s of the stuff too!
  9. great story! Judy and Suzanne helped me and mom at a game because we were sitting in between very annoying "fans" a awhile back. mom was starting to loose what patience she has so we went to get different seats or else she was going to punch someone. the staff not only got us different seats. they watched over us the rest of the game and we were able to enjoy what was left of it.
  10. if you ask me, post counts help me to see who's been an active member and not a newer person. not that being a newer person is bad, but after the spam attacks i've been looking at some members i don't know and look at their post count to see if they've been around or not.
  11. You had me scared for a second there O.o
  12. I had to be Super creative with this one, Tell me if you like it
  13. I'm a good teen F_A! Just ask mom, don't smoke, don't do drugs, don't go out and get drunk and most curtainly WON'T get pregnant. To be honest, I think she needs to make a SERIOUS choice, keep the baby and raise it well away from showbiz, ending her acting for many years. OR choose acting and give up the baby. from what I hear she's planning on the first option.
  14. Great picture! what a weird smile he has thought...
  15. You guys inspired me to make a new Sig, it's hot, it's Brindy, and it's up for grabs. Thank you momma 300 for all the pictures used. Edited for an annoying sig repair and Photobucket fight
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