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  1. Amanda, i completely agree with you! Nothing else needs to be said; you're 100% true. haha i agree Mike. haha it made me laugh OMG... how can i say this without getting banned.... lets just say that you have NOTHING to complain about. The Canes are doing fine. I always find that we as fans forget one thing, but its a big thing that affects the game.... THE PLAYERS ARE HUMAN! they can screw up, slack off, have a bad game, season even a few years!! they are human! now i'm not saying we shouldn't be a bit upset at how they are playing but when we lose a game and we say our team sucks, i've got to say it sounds a bit bandwagonish to me... but thats my opinion. yes, it was a horrible loss last night. i got home from work and just about died when i saw the score. i was mad at the boys but its a game. if you want to see a bad team slump look at my Flames. we were 1st in the division and close to the top of the league!!!!! i was so freakin proud of them... then we lost 5 straight games and we haven't come back since. we are slowly getting better but man... we went to first in the division to last in about a week!! the Canes are still first in the division and 4th in the league... idk about you guys but being that high in the standings is usually a sign of good hockey... but then again thats my opinion. ok, i'm done
  2. I agree. There are a lot of teams out there and to prepare for only one team can leave us unprepared for another team. You can't prepare for every team you come across, but if you are a good team it won't matter b/c you're just a good team and you'll play your style of play. Ya, consistancy plags a lot of teams and it does scare me b/c without consistancy you really have nothing.
  3. haha sorry... that made me laugh b/c i'm the same way.... but ya i agree yet again
  4. no way! haha kind of funny but... ya i can't imagine it in the NHL... think of the disaster that could happen!! OMG!! but i guess if you were up a few points...
  5. i agree! i'll pass... Ladd has a lot of potential and i think he's gonna reach his full potential soon. just wait and see
  6. why get rid of Ladd? he's doing fine; we've sent him to Albany and look what happened to Wardo when we did that to him
  7. nice video!! i LOVE the music... where could it be from eh pilige? hehe
  8. ur such a dork Dan, how am i a spammer???
  9. Cowtown-Cane


    haha oh no; its not obvious at all. it was just a random guess!
  10. OMG!!! i can't believe it!!! well like you guys have been saying its probably for the best... but man! i'm gonna miss seeing him play!!
  11. i'm just glad he got some time.... even if it wasn't enough
  12. Welcome to the boards!!! I'm a Canadian but I respect all soldiers and what they do! So thanks! I hope you like it here!! Keep cheering for our boys!
  13. Cowtown-Cane


    you don't happen to like Cam Ward do you?
  14. HOLY COW!!! You're pictures are FANTASTIC!!! i love them!! i wish i could draw!! i can write but i can't draw... good job!! BECKY!! DON'T EVEN START!! YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!! shut up becky...
  15. Cowtown-Cane


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that made my morning!!! thanks!
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