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  1. Interesting article on TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/a-deeper-look-at-a-slumping-alexander-semin-1.194712
  2. Being a longtime canes fan, I can say that it will be awesome being the only Red jersey in a sea of white!... I live in Winnipeg, and all I can say is GO CANES!
  3. (canadian in-joke) Oh No! What's TSN going to do for content now?
  4. Oh Come on, Somebody has to say this... Cam's new pads are AVERAGE AT BEST!! (Running away, in a zig-zag pattern, taking cover as I go..)
  5. What's with the adding of "CH1" to the end of my name? Can I change it back?
  6. And part 2 also available... "HE SCORES!!! DING, FRIES ARE DONE!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS8z0QZzazw
  7. I think it's hard to compare based on the regular season. Some players really shine when placed in a pressure situation. For example, Ward has been slightly better than average so far this year, but watching him play in juniors, and watching him now, one thing has always stood out. If you put more pressure on him, he plays better. whether in Red Deer, or our 06 run, once you got him into the playoffs, he was hard to beat. Other players (Sami Kapanen comes to mind) absolutely disappear when the pressure builds. Some players on our current roster have proven themselves to be capable of handling the pressure, others are still in question (Ruutu has never played in an NHL playoff game, and The jury's still out on Samsonov.) Our playoff success (provided we make it) will hinge on how our team and it's players react to the playoff environment.
  8. Having attended MANY hockey games in Canada, I can tell you that the experience is the same here. Many players start skating near the end of the Canadian National anthem. I don't think it has anything to do with the anthem itself, just the fact that it is the second one played. The home anthem is always played last. I've seen many players (american AND canadian) that just don't respect the anthems of either country. As a side note, many FANS don't respect the anthems either. I've asked many people to remove their hats during both anthems, and they usually give me a "p1$$ off" look", but at least I tried. Just my $.02
  9. I'd have to say that I'd rather Florida make the playoffs, and Montreal not. I still hold a grudge from the mid 80's. the first round always seemed like it was the perennial "eliminated by the Habs" round. I have 2 favorite teams. The Canes, and whoever is playing montreal.
  10. Welcome to Canada, where everybody outside the city of Toronto thinks that Pierre McGuire is a complete idiot, yet somehow is still employed by TSN. (as we call it, the Toronto Sports Network) Interesting bit of trivia, Pierre McGuire, the Bald-Headed idiot, coached the Hartford Whalers in 93-94 His record with the Whalers? 23-37-7 P.S. - His color commentating during the Canes/Slugs games in 06 were the most one-sided, buffalo praising, homerish comments I've ever heard. every time a buffalo player hit a Canes player, it was referred to as "A Monster hit that proves why this team will come out on top" wheras every canes player hit was referred to as Dirty or ineffective. I'm a member of the "we hate Pierre McGuire" club. http://ihatepierremcguire.com/''>http://ihatepierremcguire.com/' target="_blank">http://ihatepierremcguire.com/[/post]
  11. Frank Pietriangelo (pronounced Peter Angelo) NHL Goalie Great!
  12. I'm not usually much of a talker, but I've been reading this post diligently, and I feel I have to say something. For all you people who are complaining about the fact that we had O'Sullivan, and let him go, I have a couple of phrases for you... "Sylvain Turgeon" "Paul Lawless" "Rob Brown" "John Cullen" O'Sullivan, while looking like he has an offensive upside, is still quite young, and there is no guarantee he will reach his potential, let alone maintain it for an extended period of time. All of the players listed above were listed as young players with great offensive potential. All of them had a few years of decent production, then fizzled and faded into obscurity. Given how much we've heard about O'Sullivan, (personally, not a whole lot, and I watch a LOT of hockey), I believe that O'Sullivan would have been one of those players who played well for a year or two, and ended up being yelled at by fans for taking up too much salary cap space in relation to his dropping production, and ending up having his contract bought out or put on waivers in the hopes that somebody wants him (A La Kaberle) I think that this trade was about 2 things, and ONLY 2 things 1. Staal This is an attempt to give Staal a shot in the arm, maybe give him someone who he already has demonstrated chemistry with. If we can get Staal back on track, our fight for the playoffs becomes a whole lot easier. If it doesn't work then... 2. Flexibility If bringing back Cole doesn't work out, we can just let him go at season's end. We are going to have some young forwards coming up who would be anxious for a chance, and who would be far less of a hit to the pocketbook. Williams still had another year (I believe) on his contract. If Cole doesn't work out, it makes it easier to re-sign LaRose, as an example. Given the current state of the economy, this may have been more of a factor that people think. Cole only makes $500k more than Williams, (once again, I may have to check my figures...), and we're not on the hook for that salary after the season ends. Anyway, just my 2 cents...
  13. I'd hesitate to call a 27 year old a "kid". He may not have a lot of NHL experience, but he IS an experienced goaltender. Sometimes the most valuable aspect of a signing like this isn't the actual ability of the player, but his effect on the development of the other players. He may well serve as a stabilizing influence on Cam, and any Rats that get promoted...
  14. Right handed here, but with a few quirks... Hockey, Shoot left handed, trapper on my left hand. (I'm a goalie) Baseball, throw right (sidearm), bat left, but I can switch hit. Golf, shoot right, putt left. swing an axe right handed. I'm so confused.....
  15. Hey, Chicago guy, I've got a deal for you... You take this quality 36 year old winger. Sure he's in the last few years of his career, but he's still got a year or 2 left in him... In return, you give us your 22 year old 3RD OVERALL draft choice, who's going to be a quality defenceman for the next decade or 2. Sound good? Maybe if we get the Chicago GM REALLY drunk beforehand...
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