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  1. I agree. Watching Center Ice, I'm like "YEAH" when we get our own guys announcing...not just because it is the Hurricanes, but because these guys have fun doing what they do. And that is cool
  2. funny, because even Luke DeCock said the same thing BUT CI has no idea why they are doing it. That's why they gave us the discount!
  3. we pay good money to see these games...I don't get any for free.
  4. we just got $5 off our monthly Direct TV bill for the next 6 months. Call and complain!!!
  5. je non pas l'francis (that's from French class...25 years ago...is it close?)
  6. My fiance' is getting them he** on the phone right now. Says here in FL we don't need to speak French to watch TV...just Spanish! LOL
  7. Another "moment" from working at the ESA (as it was called in those days.) It was after the Duke-NC State basketball game and Ron Francis' suite had been used by some of the players that night. I was the last Premium Seating staff on the clock and the server and I were waiting for the guys to leave so we could clean and close the suite for the night. Although there is supposed to be a 30 minute time limit after an event before we start asking people to leave, we were told to let these guys stay as long as they wanted. Having grown up in NC, at the time I wasn't really "into" hockey yet and as the head of my part-time staff, I was determined I wasn't going to make an a** of myself gushing over thoese guys. LOL So I went in the suite and asked if they minded if we started cleaning up. They were seated or standing around the bar and the first row of suite seats. The server and I cleaned up the "living room" area of the suite but she was reluctant to go down into the seats and clean up there. So I said I would do it. Well, Bates was standing on the steps, leaning on the rail with his legs stretched out across the width of the step. I came down the stairs and and said "excuse me." Well, I'm only 5'1" and there was still one step down to the bottom from where he was standing. So when he didn't move out of the way, I stretched out as far as I could and stepped OVER his massive thighs and somehow managed to get down the steps. I looked at him and he had this "charmer" look on his face...this was Bates BEFORE the haircut. Well, I pretended to not notice just how close I had come to "paradise." But it wasn't for long. Like most people who sit in the suite's stadium seats, the guys had be putting their trash under the seats so they wouldn't walk on it. Now at the time I only recognized a few players because I was still new at all this hockey stuff. I don't know who it was, but one of the "lesser known" players (remember, this is before the 2002 SC run) decided I'd have to reach between his spread legs to get the trash under his seat. Ok, I'm 2 rows lower than him so when I reach "up" to get the trash I'm in a very -shall I say...GOOD...position. However, when I got to the end of the row, Wesley was sitting in the last seat and he graciously handed me all his trash. What a gentleman. Then one of the palyers sitting at the bar, who knows who it was, started saying something in broken English and his native tongue to the guys beside him. I don't think it was about me at all but when he said the "f" word several times (you know, "F***ing this and f***ing that") one of the other players who was standing at the edge of the bar by the top of the stairs poped him in the back of the head and then motioned my way...I guess to tell the guy there was a female present and he didn't need to be saying things like that. For several years i thought the guy who popped the guy was a new player, Rod Brind"Amout, but then I heard him say in an interview that they had about some event they had all come to see on their off day that it was the first time he had been in the suites. This was, of course way, way after my incident. Sigh...oh well. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I didn't just tell them to move the heck out of the way. Well, as an employee we weren't supposed to interact with the players or bother them, and like I said, I was bound and determined to act like a professional and not some groupie. They were nothing to me then. Anyway, it has given me some good memories in the years since...
  8. well remember, they didn't even give us the time of day when we won the Cup. SI certainly isn't what it was when I was growing up!!!
  9. Just let me know if you get it off the dvd! I told my friend that Rod looked like his helment was too tight! But that fire, whew!!!! I love the strong, silent type when they get a little worked up!
  10. This is a remake of song by country legend CW McCall.
  11. yeah we were all amazed to see him there. He was extremly polite when he came out to ask for the ear plus. He had an obvious jesture to look at my name tag and called me by name. Very classy!!! (I'm sure you know some of the abuse we employess got from some fans! LOL)
  12. My story comes from the days I worked at the arena in the Premium Seating Dept. I was working the lower level suites during an O-Town concert and Ron Francis was there with his family and several friends of his kids. He came out of the suite and because my job was to cater to the suiteholders he approached me and asked for some ear plugs. I got them for him and saw him talking to someone in front of his suite door. A few minutes later the man he was talking to asked me if I could find out the Atlanta Braves baseball score for him. When I came back several minutes later with the information that the Braves weren't playing that night I thought the guy who asked had come frm Ron's suite. So I went in the suite and had to ask Ron who had wanted to know the score of the Braves game. Well, to make a long story short, the guy who asked was not in Ron's suite for the night, but rather in the one next to him. Ron was very nice, but he kind of looked at me like I losing my mind or something.
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