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  1. I thought the C on his sweater was for captain. I guess it actually stands for "cannon on the loose." How about.......... Syd the squid (spineless).
  2. I don't see Avery going anywhere in the NHL but who knows.
  3. Don't like them - can't see the numbers as has already been mentioned. Seems like a waste to me.
  4. There is a reason why "fan" is derived from fanatical. LOL
  5. This year's Jeff Hamiton........waivers, up and down, and then over and out.
  6. Stillman suffered some sort of injury to the face / head? Not much was said. A Thrasher player took him into the goal post and then pounded him into the ice. Although Stillman left the ice on his own, he was also dazed.
  7. I like him. To me he is entertaining.
  8. Geezzz.......some idiot threw a smoke bomb on the ice in Philly during a goal review. And now the Flyers win . LOL On to the World Series.
  9. I'm frustrated when the Canes play the Penquins. I live in southeastern PA and purchased the Center Ice package last year primarily to watch the Canes. I understood teams in the local (Philadelphia and Washington) markets would be blacked out on CI. That's no problem because I get the local feed. I'm watching the Flyers and Devils now. But anything Pittsburgh I can't watch at all - no Center Ice because it's blacked out for some reason and no local feed. I don't consider myself to be in the Pittsburgh market. I've never watched Pittsburgh anything - hockey, baseball, college, whatever. Could anybody offer an explanation?
  10. The Canes have been without Williams for so long that I don't see him making that much of a difference. I would like to see Cullen back though because of his versatility and scratch Hamilton.
  11. It definitely will be playoff hockey on Tuesday. Hopefully I can flip flop back in forth between the Canes winning and Ottawa's self destruction. LOL
  12. This sounds like some interesting material for a new episode of Law & Order.
  13. Hmmm.........wonder if Stillman is rethinking the situation. Sens are getting pasted.
  14. Well at least it's early? So what do you think the chance is of Ovechkin getting a hat trick?
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