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  1. anyone going to do another ESPN league? i really liked that last year
  2. thanks, I used to use Windows Movie Maker, then i got Pinnacle Studio, but now I have a Mac so I used iMovie for this video.
  3. why do we have black gloves? atleast for our white jerseys.. i havent checked the red. but last year they messed up and made us wear red gloves with black jerseys and now they just make us wear black gloves no matter what?
  4. well there's no set times.. just when other people are on. we've got 15 members and only played 4 games. no one seems to know that they can play with out me.
  5. so im feeling like im wasting my time here, no one seems interested. i set up the team, if you want to play PM me, reply to this thread, or add me on Xbox live. my gamertag's CANIAC4LIFE91
  6. so the game comes out tuesday, i'll make the team if everyone interested can PM me their gamertags (xbox 360). can we get some ideas going about the jerseys and what not? should we use the canes jerseys or make custom ones? and the name? Caniac Nation?
  7. i guess i'll give it another try. who is going to lead it? i might be willing to set the 360 team up and what not, just let me know. and by the way, my gamertag is the same as on here, CANIAC4LIFE91. i just need to renew my xbox live.
  8. yeah we tried our best to recruit last year. had a rangers fan on their that me and him played alot of games. i also had a few people ask to join, but never really played.
  9. didnt staal get arrested when he was on the cover of NHL 08? maybe it's a curse..
  10. haha last year didnt work out too well.. but it was still fun for the most part.. hard to get everyone together at once.
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