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  1. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=242180&lid=headline&lpos=secStory_main' target="_blank">http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=242180&lid...s=secStory_main[/post]


    $4.5 million for Theo? Are they joking? I hope the Avs sign Huet for less, that'd make my day (in more ways than one).

    Post your thoughts here.

    man caps are taking a lot of my favorite players.. atleast i get to see theo play a lot this year! but i'm wondering why they would take Theo over Huet??

  2. Guess that means we are not signing Hordichuk. Very glad to see Conboy back. I really like his grit and the fact that he plays both defense and check line forward. Not sure about Bayda. Have always liked him, but we might have been able to do better.

    we were told hordichuk wasn't gonna sign shortly after we traded for him..

  3. I hope we pass on Letowski he really didnt bring anything what so ever to the table.

    Not physical, couldnt score, not a great set up guy.... not the best PK'er ive ever seen....

    couldn't score? i think he was a clutch player a panther killer, he came through in that last game and was ready to play scoring that first goal, you can't say he didnt bring anything to the table, he did his role.

  4. It means that we still retain the rights to them and they are still RFA. So if another team offers them a contract, we can match or take draft pick compensation. They haven't accepted yet, but it's possible they accept the qualifying offer, like Ruutu did.

    oh ok.. i really hope we're able to bring these two back..

  5. Speaking of getting Jarkko on our team, that brought up an idea in my head. Have two brothers ever played on the same team, for any extended period of time, at least? I know there are plenty of families within the league, but it just seems like none of the brothers are ever on the same team together. Think it might be a locker room chemistry thing? Maybe too much competition between the two? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

    the sedin's of the canucks and the kostitsyn's of the canadiens are brothers on the same team

  6. From the thread they have on him at the NHL Philly site, he is very beloved by the fans, but from this piece of the article it sounds like he has a lot of injuries and is at the end of this career maybe. They do talk about the rumors of him signing with the Devils for more money.

    http://flyers.nhl.com/team/app?articleid=364688&page=NewsPage&service=page' target="_blank">http://flyers.nhl.com/team/app?articleid=3...mp;service=page[/post]

    "Warriors on the blue line

    If Jason Smith has played his final game for the Flyers, he should be remembered as a inspirational one-year captain who helped stabilize a growing team. During the playoffs, Smith skated with both shoulders separated. After returning from a broken right ankle, Hatcher had to have fluids drained from his knee daily.

    "(Smith) was an emotional leader on our team,

  7. He made about 2 million last year, for the right price, I wouldn't mind. He could play with Corvo on the 2nd pairing, he's a defensive defenseman. He also would bring some veteran leadership to our blue line.

    yeah w/out Wesley and Hedican we don't really have that leadership on the D. Smith kinda reminds me of Wesley and Sean Hill put together.. he's defensive like wesley and can lay the hits like Hill

    IIRC, I remember earlier in the season (before the playoffs), Smith had pretty much committed himself to the Devils.

    why would he commit to the devils when he's still the captain of the Flyers going into the playoffs??

  8. I don't really think that's what it means. They are two totally different kinds of players. We still need an enforcer of some type...maybe JR will consider signing Brookbank?

    well it leaves room for someone on the 4th line.. and people were saying goodbye rosey when we traded for him..

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