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  1. actually.. looking at it again.. i dont think Ribeiro meant to float it over Budaj like that..
  2. i think he got the idea from Edmonton draft pick Linus Omark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_X5FdpsWpg...re=channel_page
  3. i downloaded safari and when i go to the same page there's a pop up that says "The page "NHL Network Online - Carolina Hurricanes" has content of MIME type "application/x-mplayer2". Because you don't have a plug-in installed for this MIME type, this content can't be displayed. Do you want to open an Apple page that may help you find a plug-in to download and install?" it gave me a list of options to download (quicktime, flash, windows media player, and more) i downloaded the quicktime and the flash and it still says the same thing, im about to download the windows media player one now when i open it, it does the same thing without that pop up.. and i do have flash player 10
  4. Ward's deffinately been our MVP this year. this is his 3rd 1st star of the week this year and he's also been named 2nd and 3rd this year.
  5. haha i think he was referring to the picture #16 not the player.. i think he can tell the jerseys apart
  6. man our trades or aquisitions are never exciting.. it's always the same old players going and coming back.. blah blah.. whatever.. if it works, great, if it doesnt, oh well.. i would have liked to see someone new like O'Sullivan (isn't he from NC??)
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=269562&amp...s=topStory_main
  8. thank you! i honestly think gleason is overrated, he wiffs every shot and takes stupid penalties, and he doesnt seem like the greatest personality in the locker room.. but that's just my opinion
  9. i'm pretty sure brindy has a no-trade clause as well..
  10. i wouldnt mind seeing Gerber back here.. but i dont know if that's really what we need..
  11. i've been wanting to see this guy in a Canes uniform for the past couple years and i've mentioned him at the last couple trade deadline threads over the years. can't wait to see him play!
  12. this is perfect hopefully they cancel school all-together, my mom said they were predicting 6 inches?? but that new NHL Arcade comes out on the Xbox marketplace and it would be a perfect day to play that all day haha
  13. how do i clear my cache? i remember seeing the option before but i've forgotten how to get to it. i checked my other computer and it's the same..
  14. i completely forgot about this. i remember i was frustrated with that and i'm glad he got suspended.
  15. but just imagine the headlines.. "Chara seperates shoulder hitting dummy in contest"
  16. i recorded it and watched it.. but it didnt record all the OT and shootout.. i had to watch the rest of it on the NHL on the Fly postgame show, oh well
  17. i just noticed Ovie's a right handed shot and he used Malkin's stick which was left handed, so give him a break! haha
  18. am i the only one that actually enjoys watching these players showcase their skill like this?? i honestly don't care who wins or what the people talk about while commentating, i just love watching these guys like Cogliano, Chara, Kovalev, St. Louis, Getzlaf, Ovechkin, Savard, Thomas, etc. strut their stuff and do what they do best. the coverage is not gonna be perfect, there's so much going on, you're guarenteed to miss some stuff. the trick shot thing, whatever it's called, was much improved from last year, the guys actually knew what they were expected to do and i was impressed by alot of the moves.
  19. anybody else excited about the new NHL Arcade they're coming out with in February? it's 3-on-3 no rules gameplay, makes me think of an NHL Hitz type gameplay where it's not realistic at all but surprisingly fun. it's gonna be available to download on xbox live for 800 Microsoft Points and for the PS3 for $9.99 (not sure how they do there online stuff) http://www.easports.com/nhl09/arcade.jsp my favorite part: not sure about the big heads yet.. i guess it goes along with the style of the game, but i cannot stand the big gloves, they look terribly stupid
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