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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe Whitney has a no trade clause. Unless he waives it, the wizard won't be going anywhere. Trading Brindy to a team in need of a seasoned veteran would be the best choice. Canes have the odd-man-out situation with the centers already. But with Brindy's performance this year (I'm not convinced he's 100 percent), there may not be any takers.

    i'm pretty sure brindy has a no-trade clause as well..

  2. I expect Gerber to be back in Carolina by the end of the week. The money situation has to be situated before he returns. I believe Kaberle will be headed the other way and I also believe a depth player such as Schubert will be a part of the deal. We are in the market for a top line winger and I believe JR will be trying to package a few of our UFAS such as Larose and Babchuk to land one. If he is unsuccessful Sutter may be moved to the wing on his return to the big club to play a Stillman type role.

    i wouldnt mind seeing Gerber back here.. but i dont know if that's really what we need..

  3. this is perfect

    hopefully they cancel school all-together, my mom said they were predicting 6 inches??

    but that new NHL Arcade comes out on the Xbox marketplace and it would be a perfect day to play that all day haha

  4. I'd like to see a hardest hit competition. They could rig a dummy with sensors and what not to determine who has the hardest hit.

    I also like the 2 on 1 competition.

    The time taken between announcing Vinny L. was just stupid...lets try to show him how much we'll cheer him if he comes to Montreal!...yeah I know he from that area. Not even their own players got that.

    but just imagine the headlines.. "Chara seperates shoulder hitting dummy in contest" :blink:

  5. am i the only one that actually enjoys watching these players showcase their skill like this??

    i honestly don't care who wins or what the people talk about while commentating, i just love watching these guys like Cogliano, Chara, Kovalev, St. Louis, Getzlaf, Ovechkin, Savard, Thomas, etc. strut their stuff and do what they do best. the coverage is not gonna be perfect, there's so much going on, you're guarenteed to miss some stuff. the trick shot thing, whatever it's called, was much improved from last year, the guys actually knew what they were expected to do and i was impressed by alot of the moves.

  6. Of the three wearing letters none of them appear to be a vocal leader. They are lead by example and what great examples they are setting with their lack of intensity on the ice. Give me someone who you can't question effort on the ice and says what needs to be said-- Scottie. Ruutu definitely deserves an A. A great fill in when Scottie's out because he gave it 100%.

    Did you notice Brindy on the ice last night? I did --->two turnovers on one shift with one going for a goal. Tell me what Rod has done to spark this team this year. League leader in the minus column. Did you notice Staal on the ice last night? Nope. Enough said about these two supposed leaders on the team. Getting whacked by the Pens and can't even put a good check on somebody.

    i noticed staal last night.. he wasn't awful, he tried to make things happen.

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