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  1. man i was hoping we'd either have Ruutu, Whitney, or Ward on the team as well.. oh well.. anyone think Sutter will make the Young-Stars game?
  2. i actually think his style is better than hasek. he's got a great glove hand and butterfly, and doesn't seem to fully rely on just "flopping". here are two highlight videos i've made for him and here's a link to the Belleville Bulls youtube site, where there are game highlights that feature Murphy http://www.youtube.com/user/BellevilleBullsVideo
  3. the only thing i remember about him is when he scored in pre season a couple years ago, which probly led me to think he had an offensive upside. but even defensive minded defensmen are capable of putting up a couple points.
  4. well looks like he wast doing so well.. 22 games and 0 points.. he woulda been the headline of atleast 50 threads if he was on the canes and had those stats
  5. hmm.. about time the Kings got rid of one of they're what seems like endless supply of goalies..
  6. was it him or Rodney that played like 27 minutes in his first game? whoever it was, that's amazing
  7. im sorry. go ahead and join another team, i havent really had interest in playing much xbox lately.. or if anyone wants to take over the team just lemme know
  8. hey works fine for me, just keep stocking the pens up with all the players i hate then i only have to hate one team!
  9. please no, that's the last thing we need..
  10. i think so, i saw that happen in a game recently i forget who it was.. mighta been the canes and the opposing teams player got a penalty for pushing the stick away when the guy bent down to get it. i think the call was interference
  11. Scott Hartnell of the Flyers threw his glove at a player on a break away last week, although the goalie was in the net and they called a penalty shot.
  12. wow i didn't even think of how many Rats were playing that game. and even the head coach Tom Rowe and you can't forget about Keith Aucoin.
  13. Vrbata was probly getting over 15 minutes a game in Phoenix, i would be surprised if he got over 10 in Tampa with all their players.. you can't blame him i bet he was forced to the 3rd or 4th line. EDIT: i did my research, looks like he's getting a little more than 15 minutes per game in Tampa and was getting around 20 in Phoenix.
  14. i noticed staal last night.. he wasn't awful, he tried to make things happen.
  15. i hope we don't boo him tonight..
  16. i'll be there tomorrow, saturday and sunday. hey.. hockey's hockey and i'll still be a canes fan no matter what
  17. speaking of Tampa.. who else thinks that they'll hire Lavi??
  18. this seems like one extreme to another, in my mind Laviolette was a more laid-back coach who let the guys somewhat free, and Maurice seems like all work and no play.. i'm wondering how these guys will want to play if the environment changes and there's no "fun" involved.
  19. i guess feelings are more important than health.. seeing how it's funny that they'll suspend a guy for picking on the other's girlfriend but not for knocking a guy out cold and causing a concussion.
  20. ah ok i saw the interview but had no clue what it was about.
  21. i 2nd that. is it possible for us to call him up from the Bulls for a couple games? wait he doesn't have a contract does he..?
  22. yeah happened to me too. you gotta hit the top "Submit your votes" button not the one at the bottom, then it should show up
  23. can't wait to see him return to the RBC on Sunday, I'll be there wearing my red Hedican jersey!
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