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  1. Thought this article from the Orange County Register would work well here:


    http://ducks.freedomblogging.com/2008/11/29/ducks-hedican-on-returning-to-carolina/3454/' target="_blank">http://ducks.freedomblogging.com/2008/11/2...-carolina/3454/[/post]


    Nov. 29, 2008

    Sports/Ducks Blog


    Posted by Curtis Zupke, Staff writer

    Bret Hedican won't help but feel a certain tug inside when he steps onto the ice at RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C., on Sunday.

    The venue and the city are where Hedican had his longest tenure with any one NHL team, a six-season stint with the Carolina Hurricanes highlighted by the 2006 Stanley Cup championship. Sunday marks his return.

    "There's a lot of emotion going into that game,"

  2. Active 'Canes:

    BABCHUK, Anton 31

    BAYDA, Ryan 17

    BRIND'AMOUR, Rod 8,763

    BROOKBANK, Wade 25

    CORVO, Joe 786

    CULLEN, Matt 17

    EAVES, Patrick 7

    GLEASON, Tim 691

    LAROSE, Chad 76

    LEIGHTON, Michael 391

    PITKANEN, Joni 169

    RUUTU, Tuomo 868

    SAMSONOV, Sergei 51

    SEIDENBERG, Dennis 402

    STAAL, Eric 14,625 (needs an additional 28,000 to make the leader board)

    SUTTER, Brandon 42

    WALKER, Scott 41

    WALLIN, Niclas 3,659 (needs an additional 24,000 to make the leader board)

    WARD, Cam 1,311

    WHITNEY, Ray 6,227

    Just so you know:

    COLE, Erik 358

    haha a majority of those Seidenberg votes were probly mine :D

  3. On a night where Mike Murphy stopped 40-of-41 shots that he faced in a 8-1 Belleville victory, I felt it was necessary to show some highlight videos courtesy of Youtube.

    Thus far, I would say this looks to be one of the best late-round draft picks in Hurricanes' history. Murphy currently boasts a 1.86 GAA, the next closest goaltender in the OHL is Detroit Red Wings first-round draft pick Thomas McCollum with a 2.26.

    those are my videos that i made! :P

  4. If people listened to a different XM show, you'd have the answer. Gary Bettman does a show with Bill Clement on thursdays at 2 I think, And you can listen to it on NHL.com or get it as a podcast, It's called the NHL hour.

    Anyway, on the show he was discussing that due to time, hockey operations makes the ballot over the summer, so there are occasionally weird things like injured players and guys who have been awful that season. Reason being that hockey operations is busy with all sorts of other things once the season starts.

    But if you want to gripe about something, call in. Be polite and they may let you on the air.

    But really, Whitney and Wallin are the only Canes I would have put on the ballot this year anyway if we go by straight performance.

    thanks for the info buti think that's pretty much the dumbest way to make an all-star ballot...

    and why not Ruutu? he's probly been our most consistent player this year.

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