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  1. i heard it, it was awesome! i was like HEY! HE SAID IT!!!
  2. but if Cullen was getting a penalty the whole time then that would mean there's no goal no matter what so why would they need to review it?
  3. you're right because if why would they review the goal if there was a penalty which would cancel out the goal anyway?
  4. as far as i know the Bruins are the only team left to reveal their alternate jerseys and i saw they will do so tomorrow (Monday) at 8:00am so the code should be out soon.
  5. yeah i never hear anything about him unless it's about an injury..
  6. haha a majority of those Seidenberg votes were probly mine
  7. i guess we're not gonna see it on the jumbo tron.. i tried.. but haven't seen anything yet..
  8. and they're actual words other than "#$%AGfsdE&" and what not
  9. thanks for the info buti think that's pretty much the dumbest way to make an all-star ballot... and why not Ruutu? he's probly been our most consistent player this year.
  10. Devour by Shinedown Galvanize by Chemical Brothers Down With the Sickness by Disturbed Raise Up by Saliva
  11. 1.) 1 2.) Canes 3.) 4, Canes somehow manage to win with the help of goaltending.
  12. No love? i was a fan of this guy even before we drafted him! he's amazing!
  13. voting's becoming a pain.. with the "CAPTCHA" thing and the "you can only vote once per minute" woulda been nice if they caught the automatic stuff
  14. ugh they're catchin on to me.. i'm using my laptop and desktop with two different e-mails but i got "You may not vote more than 5 time(s) per minute from the same IP. Please wait a minute and try again." <_<
  15. this is awesome! i'm so excited about how much recognition we've actually gotten so far.. let's keep it up! i've voted about 20 times today!
  16. wow Cam Ward's up there in the top goalies! he's not even on the ballot either.
  17. ..... DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be the coolest thing ever
  18. i just saw that on TSN. last I knew was Jesse was on a tryout for the Blackhawks. I had no clue he was on the Avs..
  19. awesome that way it might be quicker too! not having to select 6 different positions! which means more voting! haha
  20. hm.. well it's gonna be hard to get him in if we're voting for other guys the same amount of times..
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