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  1. nope i was wrong (happily) this is from the press release about real time balloting this year...Fans can vote for up to 6 Eastern Conference players and 6 Western Conference players: 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goaltender. For the first time, fans will be permitted to select as few as 1 player - a balloted player or write-in - per online ballot at Vote.NHL.com or via text message.

    so i guess this means that you can just pick nic. YAY! :D

    awesome that way it might be quicker too! not having to select 6 different positions! which means more voting! haha

  2. i don't think you can leave blank positions on the ballot-i am pretty sure i tried to do that last year and it wouldn't let me. i am pretty sure you have to vote for three forwards, two defensemen and a goalie for both conferences before it will accept your ballot.

    hm.. well it's gonna be hard to get him in if we're voting for other guys the same amount of times..

  3. let's all decide on one set shirt design that way everyone that wants a shirt would have the same one.. i'm up for anything and i'll most likely order one if we do it.

    also i was thinking if you're able to leave blank positions on the ballot it would be helpful to not vote for other defensemen that way you don't raise the numbers for the others while trying to catch up, if you get what i'm saying.

  4. I think Ruutu is certainly doing better for us, then perhaps Ladd is doing in Chicago...

    Since its kinda early in the season to tell this year, I would take a look at the stats from after the trade last year..

    Ladd had 5g 7a 12P +4 4PIM 1PP and 55 SOG in 20 games with Chicago Ladd had 9 goals in 43 games with Carolina before the trade, so his point production stayed about the same.

    Ruutu had 4g 7a 11P +1 16PIM 3PP and 29 SOG in in 17 games with Carolina.. He scored almost as many goals on less shots, way higher shot percentage, more powerplay points.. in less games.. He had only 6 goals in his 60 games with Chicago, so his points per game went WAY up in Carolina.

    Still almost a wash though... Ruutu seemed to improve the most in new digs. Ruutu made an immediate impact for us.. I think he scored in his first game with us after being hustled from the airport and playing in Chicago the night before.

    he didn't score but i think he had an assist. the big thing was his two big hits and the nasty high stick in his first game, i think he became an immediate fan favorite after that.

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