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  1. let's all decide on one set shirt design that way everyone that wants a shirt would have the same one.. i'm up for anything and i'll most likely order one if we do it. also i was thinking if you're able to leave blank positions on the ballot it would be helpful to not vote for other defensemen that way you don't raise the numbers for the others while trying to catch up, if you get what i'm saying.
  2. aha i thought you meant there were 2,000 posts on there about that entry
  3. i'm working on a video for this and i can't figure out how to record the audio on either of my computers, so if anyone can somehow get the audio of any broadcast of Wallin's overtime goal against New Jersey for me it would be greatly appreciated
  4. I, CANIAC4LIFE91, as part of the Caniac Nation, promise to vote for Nic atleast 15 times a day. (if i can of course)
  5. yeah and that was obviously the case for the suspensions to the guys that hit Sutter, Cullen, and Letwoski? wait there were no suspensions, just lingering cuncussions..
  6. he didn't score but i think he had an assist. the big thing was his two big hits and the nasty high stick in his first game, i think he became an immediate fan favorite after that.
  7. i have one for ya. how about one to promote voting for Wallin for the All-Star game? here are some pics if it helps.. http://images.theglobeandmail.com/archives...ll9/1wallin.jpg http://img.aftonbladet.se/sport/0605/09/wallin210.jpg http://images.sportsline.com/u/photos/hockey/img9467534.jpg
  8. I'll work on a video i can post on youtube to maybe spread the word a bit. how does that sound?
  9. i'll believe it when i see it. i didn't believe Cole would be back for any SCF games but he did it.
  10. i was thinking the same thing! maybe we could get it going enough to get it noticed and get other people to vote that don't read the boards. didn't fitzpatrick play for the canucks at the time he was getting all those votes? i can't exactly remember
  11. i think ruutu's a more exciting player with his faster more physical style of play but still like Ladd and i look at Chicago's scores all the time to see if he's scored and i'm glad to see he's doing well
  12. i like the mayonaise line although it really only applies to Helminen.. but i really doubt the line will stay together for long knowing Lavi
  13. im not saying Ward deserves to be on it. but compared to goalies like Vokoun, DiPietro, and Lehtonen he might as well be on there.
  14. another problem is that i don't have a subscription to XM Radio..
  15. i doubt i'll be able to listen to it live.. is there any way i could listen to it later on the internet like a podcast or something?
  16. Playoffs are the only thing i can think of that put Biron and Turco on the ballot. as much as i like Turco i don't think he is anywhere near an all-star this year unfortunately.
  17. i guess i can see why Brodeur pretty much has to be on the ballot just because of his name. but to me putting DiPietro on there is ridiculous. Martin Biron can slide i guess because of his play last year, but this year he's IMO no where near all-star worthy. I think Thomas is another name worthy of being on there over Lehtonen, Vokoun, Biron, or DiPietro.
  18. just added Weekes to my fantasy team, he played really well against the sabres last night despite the loss.. i'm not really sure how they'll do without brodeur but it's worth a shot.
  19. so i finally finished my first season with the canes. we won the stanley cup and i was the Conn smythe winner. i also won the hart trophy and the calder trophy (i think that's it). then i decided to sign with the Canes in the offseason but 3 days later they traded me to the Devils for Zajac. i wanted to try and be the next captain for the canes and a franchise player but that didnt work out.
  20. i had one for the cup run but lost it.. it would be nice to get another one tho
  21. i don't really like the fact that it comes down to a skills competition.. i don't like a tie.. and i think that continuous would add too much more "wear and tear" to the regular season.. just imagine how many regular season 2,3,and 4 OT games there would be considering how many there are usually in the playoffs. and what if you have a back to back situation and you have a 4OT game then a game the day after?? i say full period of OT (20 min.) and then MAYBE a shootout, but make it 5 shooters. if anything extend the shootout from 3 shooters each to 5.
  22. it wasnt a trade staal thread it was a Trade Ward thread and then a worth of staal thread. it's not like we need to have a discussion on trading all of our star players..
  23. the title made me think he was leaving the NHL. but my thoughts and prayers are for his grandfather and family.
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