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  1. Listen in to XM radio tomorrow for their "In the slot" segment with Phil Esposito. This was the exact argument they had today and Phil was disgusted that players that haven't even played this season or were injured early on were on the ballot. They said they were going to try and get a league representative on tomorrow to explain it.

    I'm with Espo, the All Star bid should be solely on merit and not on name or popularity contest. The way it is now feels like a exhibition game just to showcase the league rather than to award players who earned all star status.

    i doubt i'll be able to listen to it live.. is there any way i could listen to it later on the internet like a podcast or something?

  2. A lot of it is based on last season, I still don't agree with some of the choices but that is why there are some players on the ballot who have not had very good starts this season. For example- Marty Biron and Marty Turco. I don't know I agree with this, but I think thats what they do.

    Playoffs are the only thing i can think of that put Biron and Turco on the ballot. as much as i like Turco i don't think he is anywhere near an all-star this year unfortunately.

  3. No surprise really, but I see your argument. NHL tends to take in past results though over current stats...fact is that Dipietro has a monster contract and was in the game last year, Brodeur is a legend, and Biron is on an exciting team that was in the playoffs last season. Cam hasn't been any of these things. Our best bet is that the NHL takes Brodeur off because of the injury, removes Dipietro and Biron (one's injured and one just plain *****), and instead gives the fans a chance to elect some other eastern conf. goalies to play in the game. However, I highly doubt that the NHL removes Biron and Dipietro...unless they get seriously injured. Brodeur should def. be off though...although I have a feeling he'll stay simply because the game is far enough away that he might make it back in time for it...and of course no matter his stats the NHL won't remove him...he'll have to decline.

    All-Star voting and roster is always a mess.

    i guess i can see why Brodeur pretty much has to be on the ballot just because of his name. but to me putting DiPietro on there is ridiculous. Martin Biron can slide i guess because of his play last year, but this year he's IMO no where near all-star worthy. I think Thomas is another name worthy of being on there over Lehtonen, Vokoun, Biron, or DiPietro.

  4. i don't really like the fact that it comes down to a skills competition..

    i don't like a tie..

    and i think that continuous would add too much more "wear and tear" to the regular season.. just imagine how many regular season 2,3,and 4 OT games there would be considering how many there are usually in the playoffs. and what if you have a back to back situation and you have a 4OT game then a game the day after??

    i say full period of OT (20 min.) and then MAYBE a shootout, but make it 5 shooters.

    if anything extend the shootout from 3 shooters each to 5.

  5. I know that I might be reading into this the wrong way, but are you really that much of a disrespectful tool to include that low-blow about Grahame in there?

    Jesus Christ, people. A kid's dead and someone's more concerned about whether or not Grahame's shoving it in Russia? What has this world come to?

    Again, my apologies if that's not what you were implying, and if that is the case, please don't freak out. If you're just curious as to whether or not Grahame was present at the time of the incident, I'd appreciate it if you re-phrased your post to make it sound less like you're bashing Grahame. I'm no supporter of Crackers, but this is not the time or thread to diss him in.

    i think you deffinately took that the wrong way. i seriously doubt he's trying to crack a joke.. i too was curious if Grahame was near him.. how awful would that be..

    my thoughts and prayers are with the Cherepanov family.. i saw on TSN that he had collapsed and they were trying to revive him before i left for the game then when i went to NHL.com and saw his picture i immediately knew what had happend and my hear sank.. terrible news.. i remember watching him waiting on his draft day on TV.. wow..

  6. Why not? What good is it going to do him to skate 5-7 min a night on the 4th line?

    it gives him experience.. a 19 year old like Sutter is not going to come in and be able to play 20 minutes a game. you have to work him in to get ready and let him get used to the NHL level and develope.

  7. I will admit I am not a huge Jeff O'neill fan. I do remember his great play back in the day and going to the Cup back in 2002/03. I do appreciate everything he did do for the team. When I watch him now I don't see much hustle or a real wanting to be here. Again, that is just my opinion. I also agree that his training camp could have just been a gesture because of all that he has done for us in the past. If I would have seen him play harder and show me some desire I would have welcomed him to the team. I just didn't see it. Was it just a small amount of time to see these things? Probably. Does everyone agree he should have showed more desire to be here or somewhere else in the NHL? I would hope so. I do wish him luck and enjoy rooting for the underdog or second chance guy.

    01/02* sorry i just had to. :P

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