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  1. I think the more you post, the more stars you will have. I just started posting, and I have 0 stars.
  2. I don't know, Tampa hasn't ever been to good to us, especially IN Tampa.
  3. You would be crazy to switch Marty Turco to the back-up.
  4. It's ok, we're just barely out of the play off spot right now. We're not looking to be #1 exactly, we just need to make it into the playoffs.
  5. Babchuk and Commie are doing to bad either. Babchuk's shot always goes straight into the goalies glove though. He's gonna get one soon, I can feel it.
  6. Alot of scoring, and a lob-sided game. I bet JG will get the start against his old team.
  7. Why do all the choices include replacing the GM and coach? I would just make a trade or two.
  8. My thoughts and prayers are with the Kessel family and also with the Gainey family.
  9. Ok, I just did. Thank you I love talking about hockey, especially around other Caniacs.
  10. Anyone notice how it says Cam Ward's first NHL game was in 1999? When he was drafted in '02?? LOL They put John Grahame's stats for Ward and Grahame in the Yearbooks this year. woops
  11. Grahame is a great goaltender. The defense just hasn't been helping much. We've sort of made Grahame have a horrible record. I noticed the other night against COL, Grahame made basicly a save on every goal, but they got rebounds RIGHT in the crease and left helpless Grahame out to dry. I do notice that Grahame is a more hybrid/stand-up goalie though, and Ward is a butterfly goalie which makes them completely different.
  12. I thought I read in the paper that Cam met Nickelback recently at one of their concerts and they knew about the helmet.
  13. My mom works for the The Eye, she hears about all the rumors. So far she has heard A LOT about Kevyn Adams, possibly going to the Dallas Stars. This has been going on for a couple weeks though and nothing has happened. My opinion, we should trade David Tanabe and Kevyn Adams ( even though I hate to see him go) and a draft pick or two for possibly Jussi Jokinen and a minor leaguer or draft pick. Jussi Jokinen would add so much to our shootout, which we need. Well, that was my first post! And I'm so excited I was finally able to register!
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