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  1. some people think of the craziest things on here.. we're not even 10 games into the season come on last i heard Marty Turco's got a GAA around 4 so why don't the Stars go ahead and trade him as well?
  2. is there any way you can request to be traded? i thought i saw somewhere that you could..
  3. he's one of the smoothest skaters you'll ever see. he's got a pretty good shot but rarely uses it. he's a warrior and great defensively
  4. i'm just glad he signed somewhere. and i'm glad he signed in time to come back to the RBC (it is home right?). but i think i'm gonna ask for a Hedican Ducks jersey.
  5. yeah it's not as realistic as i'd like.. it's only my first year and im on the top line over Staal.. that's just not right, realisticly i should be playing 2nd or 3rd in my first year. and one other thing i noticed is that when it's icing you can still change lines.. we'll ice the puck while i'm on the bench then the next faceoff i'm on the ice..
  6. Ovechkin final answer. we would already have Staal at center.
  7. the canes need to win the next 10 game for it to be worth watching that..
  8. interesting lines.. im going 4-2 Canes im going with Boychuk as the 1st goal Brindy with the game winner
  9. man i was so mad that i exited that game.. my doorbell rang so i pressed pause then tried to exit out of it and ended up leaving the game ugh. i wanted to beat them too they were agrivating me
  10. ok Stamkos isnt really doing anything.. but i wish i picked up Brunnstrom before he had that hat trick last night
  11. i think you deffinately took that the wrong way. i seriously doubt he's trying to crack a joke.. i too was curious if Grahame was near him.. how awful would that be.. my thoughts and prayers are with the Cherepanov family.. i saw on TSN that he had collapsed and they were trying to revive him before i left for the game then when i went to NHL.com and saw his picture i immediately knew what had happend and my hear sank.. terrible news.. i remember watching him waiting on his draft day on TV.. wow..
  12. i thought they did him like conboy, gave him a 2 year deal, 2-way the first year and 1-way the second..?
  13. i can't decide what i think of it.. when i first saw just the top part of it i thought it looked pretty good but then i saw the rest and thought it was ugly... i just don't know..
  14. it gives him experience.. a 19 year old like Sutter is not going to come in and be able to play 20 minutes a game. you have to work him in to get ready and let him get used to the NHL level and develope.
  15. haha it's only 5 days now. i couldnt wait any longer to put it on youtube so i went ahead and put it up about a month ago.. i made it less than a month after the season ended
  16. man we're racking em up! one game on Versus and now one on NHL Network! warning: sarcasm..
  17. well Cam said that he hoped that we wouldn't do a black out because he wouldnt be able to see the puck.. lol i think it's worth the risk tho.. it would be awesome
  18. yeah i think you should have the option to have more than one player.. but i guess that would screw up the EASHL..
  19. speaking of the blackhawks.. i was looking at their rosters and saw that kevyn adams was playing.. i didnt think he had a contract..? also i saw Jesse Boulerice.. i guess he's on a tryout?
  20. ahh forgot all about that.. i was just trying to do all this stuff so i could get on.. haha..
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