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  1. sorry i havent been on a lot lately.. i've been buisier than i thought i'd be but i'll most likely be on more often now.
  2. haha yeah thats a good one thanks i can't wait either
  3. or atleast fight guys WITHOUT visors!
  4. he had it the last game against the caps too
  5. yeah, Seids is a great underrated player, he's a great skater and pretty solid defensively. i'm glad they gave him the "A" even if it's just for two preseason games so far. I'd put an "A" on my jersey but it's the older one so it wouldnt make much sense..
  6. what's supposed to make me laugh? the forsberg one or what?
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/apphoto/pho...photoId=2046784 honestly, i think it looks kinda cheesey..
  8. yeah i saw it.. i dont like the white wiring.. he usually using silver.. with the white he looks too much like Gerber.. he also got new pads as well.
  9. that was a re-post from this thread.. why was this needed? and im pretty sure there's not going to be THAT much contact in the training camp..
  10. wow i never said anything about pete friesen, why'd you bring him into this? and in fact i've been playing hockey for 8 years thank you very much.
  11. that's just rediculous. we shouldnt be having all these injuries already.. i think something really needs to be done about the stretching or whatever to prevent this
  12. there's also highlights of the game where you can see cole score.. i'm still not sure what to think of him in that jersey.
  13. yeah i noticed Seidenberg's skates as soon as he got there, you can really hear them from anywhere.
  14. i don't like it. i think it would almost ensure a goal being scored on every powerplay because the shorthanded team would be exhausted and wouldnt be able to ice the puck and change.
  15. i didnt see babs since the 1st period i think. i saw him get nicked with a stick i think and he went to the bench feeling his face and the trainer handed him a towel. LaCoture looked great, better than O'Neill IMO. his first goal was beautiful, deflected it, the puck bounced off the goalie and up in the air, then he batted it outta the air backhanded. his 2nd goal was a wicked shot right off the crossbar. Seids also did great with 3 assists. Melichar wasn't on the roster but he was out there and he's a pretty big guy.. i think he's about 220 lbs.? Gillies was hitting everything in sight. Helminen also looked pretty good, so did Jensen, drawing 3 penalty shots. Murphy only let one goal against. Monzato reminded me of Gerber, which is a good thing. Babchuk also looked big and pretty solid while he was out there. those are just a couple notes that i can remember for now.
  16. so are you the only one that can see our points? i havent seen em yet. and after the last game it said we were ranked 3rd but im not sure if that's ever right or not.
  17. haha i was gonna say ur probly our leading scorer. you got that shot from the slot down.
  18. we just won 2 games 3-0 with 3 people and 1 game 1 or 2-0 i forgot. i think we only played 3 games but we're 11-6 now with 3 more shutouts.
  19. i thought Hamilton signed with an AHL team and i didnt think Tanabe got bought out yet..?
  20. idk how many games it took me to get called up in my center career but i'm now on the first line on the canes (took Staalsy's spot). but in my goalie career it only took 3 games. 1-0 L, 5-1 L, and a 1-0 shutout win.
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