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  1. NOOOO!!!!

    March 12, 2009... worst day ever. :(

    What jumps out at me on the schedule, though, is all of the day games. That's definitely unusual for us.

    why? is it because it's away? i was deffinately hoping that the stars would play here.. but oh well atleast we're playing them.

    i was also surprised at all the home sunday games and the afternoon games..

  2. I love the Canes but PLEASE PEOPLE....QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST! NO O'NEIL! I get so tired of seeing of the boards lets get Ward,Recchi....Blah,Blah,Blah! Move on. If it was up to some of you, we would bring back Keith Primeau. Lets just go forward.

    we're just talking about what we think about JR having talks with O'Neill.. this is not the boards saying "hey what about o'neill" it's real life! they're really talking to him!

  3. If Jeff wants a one way, then invite him to training camp to see if he's still got it.

    good idea.. they should deffinately invite him to training camp and let him try out..

    i remember while he was here and i was a lot younger.. maybe 11 or 12.. and i was out at the back of the RBC waiting for autographs after a practice and he came up and stopped and signed something for me.. my mom said something like "careful don't scratch his car" and he jokingly said "oh it's a rental you can kick it if you want" and then i laughed and asked if he could personalize it to ryan and he jokingly said "ryan? that's my ugly brothers name." and laughed

    so he's not as bad as people think.. some people may have had bad experiences but that can happen with any player..

  4. Just gross...why would you even put a naked baby in there?! :blink: Once again, the Red Wings show me how classless they are. :angry: As I recall, when the Canes had it, on of the players did a Christmas card with their naked baby asleep, with a Santa hat BESIDE the cup...much better choice. :D

    Edit: I don't have a problem with a baby in there...but w/o a diaper...!?!? As a parent of two kids...I'd never put my kids in there w/o a diaper.

    yeah that is pretty harsh.. don't see how it could be classless..

  5. IF Bouwmeester stays there (which is a toss up at this point) I'd say he'd be a liable candidate to wear the C. He's been there his whole career (I know, it isn't that long but still), and he's one of their best players. I don't know if he's a leader enough for it.. but who knows what Martins

    yeah i was thinking Bouwmeester would take to C too.. but i would be happy for Stiller if he did get it

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