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  1. Well, we took the kids out to the skate today and what a blast. The guys seemed to be working hard, putting in the effort, but everybody had a smile on his face. First things first....Brandon Sutter is the real deal....you can see the poise and he oozes leadership qualities - by quiet example - always hustling, always working, always paying attention...and from what I saw today, he looked like he's improved his shooting a bit. Secondly, the two Zac(h)s are pretty clear 1st round picks (even though Dalpe went in the 2nd)....Boychuk didn't have his best day today w/his stick but he did have a couple of beauts against Murphy. However, Dalpe looked very, very, very good....much like Sutter this kid seemed to give off lots of confidence today and his hockey sense is awesome...good shot, good passer, very good puck handler (at least for the hour or so that we saw him).....Third, McBain and Bellimore we sort of "men amongst boys" out there....they looked like real D-men and just seemed to know what to do and when to do it....I will say, the drills really highlight the offense, but they did do these 2 on 1 breakaway things and those two guys looked stellar.

    A couple of other standout things - Mike Murphy is a "feast or famine" monster....he made 4 or 5 incredible acrobatic saves....and yes he dives all over the place, but that mostly happened when he had to make a big initial save and then come back across for some incredible 2nd and 3rd chance save....he did that a number of times. He also made the prettiest save I have ever seen where he had dove across the crease on a second chance and was laying on his side, the puck squirted our about 15 feet in front and either Dalpe or Chaput rocketed a "top shelfer" which he nabbed with a scissor kick....and it was no accident, he saw it as he laid there and kicked his leg up to make the save...just sweet....Now for the down side....his jock strap is still laying on the ice from the 4 or 5 times that he got deked....he sometimes just commits too early...but the kid's got monster talent.

    Mourneau (sp?) is a sweet finisher....his skating is just a shade "rusty" but he didn't miss any real chances that I saw. He could be a really, really sweet late round find. And while he was clearly out of shape, it was very easy to see flashes of why Nate Hagemo was a viable 2nd rounder.....give that kid some conditioning and he's got real potential...its just a matter of whether or not he'll put in the effort.

    Finally, there was a mystery player out there wearing #51. That kid had moves and a shot that wouldn't quit. He was a pretty big kid (it wasn't Terry who was wearing # 58 I believe)....whoever that skater was, he's a keeper. He did seem a little older that some of the others (maybe 20 or 21), but he was somebody that impressed all around.

    All in all it appears that we have some serious talent in the pipeline....keep it up Ronnie. Ya done good dude!!!

    i knew this kid had talent while watching him in the Memorial Cup :D

  2. I do know that the Hurricanes have released the rights to these prospects:

    Magnus Akerlund

    Jonas Fiedler

    Risto Korhonen

    Ondrej Otcenas

    Ryan Pottruff

    Martin Vagner

    Jakub Vojta

    These prospects will most likely be in the AHL with the Albany River Rats next season:

    Brett Bellemore

    Casey Borer

    Brett Carson

    Stefan Chaput

    Nick Dodge

    Justin Peters

    Harrison Reed

    These prospects are in junior hockey:

    Drayson Bowman (WHL / Spokane Chiefs)

    Justin McCrae (WHL / Spokane Chiefs) - McCrae is eligible to play in the AHL this year

    Chris Terry (OHL / Plymouth Whalers)

    These prospects are currently in college:

    Timothy Kunes (Boston College)

    Justin Krueger (Cornell)

    Kyle Lawson (Notre Dame)

    Jamie McBain (Wisconsin)

    won't Murphy still be in the OHL?

  3. Golly, I hope so. Michal Jordon and Murphy too hopefully ;)

    Well, really just Jordan simply because of his name lol

    i can see a Ward - Murphy tandem in the future.. Ward will be a good veteran goalie while Murphy gets experience.. then come playoff time Murphy takes over then leads us to the Stanley cup in his rookie season winning the conn smythe :P i can dream can't i? lol

  4. Murphy and Leighton both looked good, IMO. Leighton was sharp early on from what I saw, but towards the end he let a lot in. Not really an indication of anything because he could've been slacking off some and there were some 2-on-1 drills. Murphy was wild and had to make some diving saves, but from what I've heard that is his style.

    yeah he's got a pretty awesome style.. it's not as wild as Hasek, but somewhat like Tim Thomas, but he stops more pucks lol.

  5. With this salary and what we'll have to pay out for Tanabe and Hamilton, I think the team is over 50 mil; meaning the team is either going to be well above the self imposed cap or 5 mil needs to be shaved somewhere.

    maybe they have a plan for both Kabs and Wallin..?

  6. Exactly. I don't think Babchuk is going to put up a hissy fit if he rides the bench or sits in the press box. After all, he was sent down to play in Albany when he did it before. It isn't minutes played that I think is important to him, but simply being at the NHL level.

    Also, everyone seems to assume that Babchuk and Melichar automatically jump up the chain now. Yet they're only making $1 mil a piece? Then Seids gets $1.2 mil? I'm figuring that they see him playing more this year and getting a chance to work his way into the lineup more, since he got more. If they figured he'd be the 7th D, don't you think they would have paid him less than Babchuk or Melichar?

    How do we know that the plan isn't to have a lineup like this:





    Two good puck-moving D pairings, then a shut-down pairing, plus Babchuk to fill in when necessary. Or replace Melichar with Babchuk. I think those two will really be fighting it out for playing time in training camp and pre-season. But maybe that's just me.

    i like your thinking

  7. Again, proof? Not saying it didn't happen, I just don't remember that. Was without the Internet for a good portion of the off-season.

    And the Cullen trade happened because the Rangers were overloaded at center and couldn't pay Cullen to play there. Hutchinson was not a big piece in the trade, especially considering he spent all last year in the AHL.

    And just because some teams REALLY overpay defensemen (Finger and Commie) doesn't mean that overpaying someone by less makes it a better deal.

    i think what they're talking about is a radio interview done on 99.9 the fan on the day we aquired Joni Pitkanen

  8. Because we brought him over to play. If he had a hissy fit after not getting playing time the first time around, do you think we're going to do that again?

    Besides, as I stated, Lavi likes the Right-hand - Left-hand set up, and Babchuk's the only right-hander out of the depth D-men.

    they brought everyone here to play.. and i doubt they'll be scared they're gonna hurt his feelings if he doesn't play, he better have a good attitude or they're not gonna let him play.

    and BTW we only have 2 right handed D, so i dont think it's gonna matter who uses what hand, it's gonna matter on how well they play and the chemistry.

  9. JR's already said Gleason - Pitkanen will be our top pair.

    Then it's obvious Corvo - someone. If Kaberle isn't traded, it'll be him. If he is, it'll probably be Wallin.

    3rd pairing will be Babchuk - someone. Since Lavi likes to go Right-hander - Left-hander, that leaves Melichar and D-berg to fight it out for that last spot. Unless Kaberle isn't traded, then it'll be Melichar, D-berg and Wallin to fight it out for that spot.

    why do you think Babchuk is a deffinate? he hasn't earned a spot yet.

  10. it's not about what theyve done for the money, it's about what they'll be doing for the money. i see seids as a 2nd pairing defensman so that's a good price for him, i see larose as a 4th line grinder.. they're different roles so they're gonna be paid what JR believes fits what they'll be doing for the team.

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