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  1. Here's a brief list of Ottawa's wingers that are on contract and their cap hits:

    -Dany Heatley ($7.5 million)

    -Daniel Alfredsson ($4.414 million)

    -Jarkko Ruutu ($1.3 million)

    -Chris Neil ($1.1 million)

    -Dean McAmmond ($875,000)

    -Nick Foligno ($850,000)

    -Sean Donovan ($600,000)

    I could see us going for Neil or Donovan. Foligno would be nice, but I kinda doubt Ottawa will give him to us for Kaberle.

    -Nick Foligno ($850,000)

    i'd like foligno, good young guy and would fit well with our group of guys with hockey families.

    i don't like the idea of having borer up here yet.. let him have one more year in the AHL.. let him get back into shape and bring him up if we really need to.. Seids is bigger and tougher and we need another shot blocking, physical Dman, Borer will be good next year if we lose Corvo or someone

  2. I just got an email from microsoft, and my xbox should be here thursday repaired! My live runs out the 7th so I'll have to fix that too. I'll join once I get my xbox back though.

    they gave me a free month of Live when i got mine repaired for the "Ring of Death" or w/e..

    i joined.. how will the games work out? just play when you have the time?

  3. For sure or are do you just have a hunch? Looks like he has had his shoulder injured 3 times... don't know if we need more of that. But according to Wikipedia, he played the second pairing in Pittsburgh in 06 and had the 2nd most blocked shots for them. Might be promising, probably more realistic than the other players we have mentioned...

    it is him i posted a new thread about it, 1 year $1 million

  4. Gleason, Pitkanen, Corvo, Wallin, Kaberle, and Babchuk will most likely be the top six, with someone from Albany as the seventh. That doesn't leave much room for Seidenberg. Of course, I have no idea what the real situation is.

    i doubt we'll add someone from albany now.. and i'd think we should have 8 D up since Lavi likes to use 7 D and one healthy extra

    anyways i really hope seids is re-signed, i think he has a lot of potential, and i still wanna be able to wear my seidenberg jersey

  5. i liked conboy better than brookbank, although he's not an enforcer, he just fell into that role on our team.. conboy was great at getting the crowd goin, he could hit, fight, and get scoring chances. with brookbank it's just like.. oh look brookbanks fighting again.. but i guess he's more intimidating than conboy?

    BTW the second year of Conboy's contract is 1-way

  6. Wait, Kab for Jason Smith? LOL! That would be the day, a Stanely Cup win in itself.

    But yeah, I listened to the radio interview and says that this guy we are going after is a defensive defensemen, hasnt played in the NHL for 2 years, been in europe, from what ive heard.

    what about that Johnsen (sp?) guy? i think it was Ken? or Kim?

  7. well JR said that he didn't play in the NHL last year... right..?

    looking at NHL.com these guys didn't play last year

    Eric Cairns, Jim Fahey, Brad Ference, Martin Grenier, Jay Harrison, Jamie Heward, Timo Helbing, Lars Jonsson, Darius Kaspiraitus, Mikko Lehtonen, Tomas Malec, Danny Markov, Richard Matvichuk, Josef Melichar, Ian Moran, Janne Niinimaa, Jason York..

    that's all i feel like looking through.. lol

  8. I believe JustJoe said Josef Melichar fits that description.

    I still hope that it is a certain man named Jeff Vandermeer.

    Off-topic, I also wouldn't mind JR signing Chris Gratton to center our fourth line. He's a big center who fights. Sounds ideal.

    if you mean Jim Vandermeer then i deffinately think he's what we need.. i'd love for either him or Jason Smith to sign here..

  9. My guess is that the 'Bulin wall is about to be dismantled in Chicago. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    Seriously, as much as I couldn't figure out what the Habs were doing last spring when they let Huet go to the Caps, it is beyond belief that the Caps let him slip through their fingers. Kolzig took a hike too, so they are left with Theodore, which if he gets into a slump, they may be battling for the SE cellar, AO on their side,or not.

    On the plus side, my beloved Blackhawks are on the rise. They did a lot last year to improve and this will hopefully be another step in the right direction. :D


    i'm somewhat of a 'hawks fan too, but i liked the Bulin-Lalime tandem better.. just that a fan of Huet, but he'll help the team.. i'd rather see Bulin be doing the work tho..

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