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  1. Its exactly the same team as last year with a few tweaks. Lack, Hainsey, McClement, Stalberg out Darling,Van Riemsdyk, Kruger,Jouris in. Williams was the only true addition and the injury to Stempniak kind of offset that. I get caught up in the hype every off season however not much ever changes. Unless the team is able to draft a star caliber player McDavid,Matthews, Crosby which seems unlikely this is a .500 hockey team. The owner is never going to spend the money to bring in a Taveras type player. We are in Carolina Hurricane limbo.
  2. Interesting article. http://lastwordonhockey.com/2017/09/27/who-will-be-the-first-nhl-coach-fired/
  3. Eric Staal is a *edit How this guy does not get suspended multiple times a year is beyond me. The last time that I checked slashing and cross checking are penalties especially when the head is targeted.
  4. I really dislike the way that some people on this site will be downright nasty when they don't agree with someone else's opinion. Have you ever heard that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. I do not agree with a lot of comments that people have but I just let it go. These million dollar hockey players don't need your protection and not every person on this site has the time to study every stat and projection. Last time I checked none of these hockey players had my back.
  5. Could it be a perfect time to make a play for Ryan Nugent Hopkins? Edmonton have a lot of money tied up in two players.
  6. Normally I would not agree with doing this however if one team deserves this it is the Oilers. Just too much with all those first overall picks for my liking. The majority of teams in the league have never had even one first overall pick ever.
  7. Looking back on some of the lineups that the Canes had going into the season when JR was in charge. This team is head and shoulders better than his later years here. The defense and bottom six forward's were really not up to par while he was running the show.
  8. The team has finished on the outside looking in for eight years straight. If the team has one significant injury this year they will miss again. Not good enough. Sorry.
  9. Which is why we have to over pay for any free agent to come here. Who is going to want to play for a losing team. If this team has an injury to any of its top three or four players it is done. If one or two young players take a step back in their development the team is done. I can all but guarantee that this team is not going to come close to making the postseason.
  10. I for one would like to see Teravainen moved in a package for a center. He has plenty of offensive skill but is as soft as butter. I have seen him disappear in several games after being hit.
  11. No big names yet? What a shocker. Come on RF make a difference.
  12. Tyler Pitlick looks like an interesting UFA if he could be signed to a two way contract.
  13. I am really starting to think that most people on this site are going to be very disappointed with this year's free agent signings. I can almost guarantee that none of the top twenty Free agents available will be signed by this organization. I can also almost guarantee that this organization will not be unloading Young player's and early round draft picks in a trade for veterans. Francis might sign a lower profile depth forward comparable to a Stempniak as a stopgap for a year or two until the young guys are ready. Then and only then will this Franchise trade prospects and or draft picks for veterans at the deadline to make a playoff push. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it but until that happens there is going to be very little to see here.
  14. What about a Ryan Murphy for Kasperi Kapanen trade? Two former first round picks. Toronto need defensive depth and Carolina need forward depth.
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