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  1. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/index....p;tb=1&pb=1
  2. Here is your chance to sign up if you live in the SE http://www.southeastrefs.org/newref.html I talked a couple of my buddies into signing up this year and they got their chance to ref mites (8 and under). They were surprised how hard it was!!!! Positioning/rules etc....all way way more than they expected. The game is so fast...it is by far the hardest sport to ref.
  3. Saw Philly practice at the rec zone this year....that was listed on the Reczone master schedule.
  4. Lancaster, PA?? I was born and raised in York, PA. However, I went to NC State 20 years ago and never went back. I was raised on Hershey Bears and Flyers but became a Canes fan when they moved here.
  5. Adams and Ladd were practicing face offs yesterday.....If his wrist still was hurting he wouldn't be doing faceoffs. They both look ready to play.
  6. Here is the youth ref schedule for Jan http://www.maoa.net/files/12007.htm 169 games in the Raleigh area alone... Adult leagues (men and women) are exploding also....One rink has 17 C teams
  7. ^Yep...We need D because right now Hedican is the only one worth a dam on the blue line.
  8. I was not at the game, however it appeared on TV the Canes player broke the stick of the leafs player, which is text book penalty shot in that situation. There were some articles written about the refs getting laxed on the rules this past week (I'm to lazy to find the links).....I think the memo was sent out to go by the book again.
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