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  1. I think that Corvo is soft of D and will not help this team. I do not see a bright future for this team. Defense: Corvo, Wallin, Kaberle, Gleason, Seidenberg, Tanabe- Soft, no shut down defensivemen Offense: Aging veterans- Brind 'Amour, Whitney, Walker Goaltending- Very spotty And one prima donna who is supposed to be the star of the team but only shows up for about half the games Maybe we will get Tavares in the 2009 Draft.
  2. You are comparing getting Corvo and Eaves to getting Recchi and Weight in 2006? You can't be serious?? In fact, I wrote a message to Barry Melrose in 2006 on how I thought that the Weight and Rechhi trades showed that the 'Canes were serious about winning the Cup, and he agreed. I'm sure that his opinion would not be the same about this trade.
  3. A bad trade. We give up two veterans for two soft players. Like we weren't soft enough, already. With Stillman being traded and Eaves still hurting, it appears that Rutherford and the rest of management have given up on this season. In a way, I can't blame them, given the way that this team has been playing. However, giving up our fourth leading point producer will not help our anemic recent goal production. We are already shorthanded offensively. Who is going take Stillman's place on our top line, Wade Brookbank? I predict that this team will end up second to last in the Eastern Conference. The real change that this team needs is in coaching. I upgraded to a 24 game plan this year with premium seats. Anyone want to buy my tickets to the remaining 8 games in my package? I certainly will not be renewing my package for next year.
  4. I wish the Ranger fans would leav our forum. I cannot believe that they are trying to defend Avery and Orr. We didn't lose the game tonight, we were mugged. How appropriate in NYC. I love how the Ranger fans use the "analyses" provided by the Ranger broadcasters as a defense for their players' actions. Just goes to show what dumb-*edit* scum they are, just like the Rangers.
  5. Our defense has had problems in the last two weeks, especially Hedican and Kaberle. Our defense wasn't that great in '05-'06. As Coach Laviolette has stated, the 'Canes style of play will sometimes cause defensive breakdowns. However, to state that our defense is garbage and that Pitkanen would be our savior is ludicrious. Obviously, your message was sent prior to the 3rd period. Too bad you weren't at the game,"fan."
  6. If Laviolette is putting the players on the ice that he thinks gives us the best chance of winning, then he has been doing a horrible job lately.
  7. I also think that he may be traded soon. If he is traded, then it would be a pity for a player who: scored 15 goals last year playing on the fourth line; who played game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals with a broken wrist; a player who was always one of our best penalty killers; and, a player who was always available to talk to anyone, and always with a smile.
  8. I think that Kevyn Adam's reduced ice time (unless he has an injury) is ridiculous, given the 'Canes injuries. I also think that it is terrible treatment to a player who has always given all on the ice. The team is struggling to win and it appears that Kevyn is the scapegoat, even though a lot of other players are playing like crap. He is obvously in Laviolette's doghouse.
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