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  1. Guess what? i replied to the social media question because it was required to count my vote but i actually do not use social media! I know, that makes me a dinosaur. I just mention it in case i am not the only one out there!
  2. I'm in Benson. Versus only for us. Meanwhile the"sports package"rocks tennis and west coast football. WHOO HOO!
  3. Icecaps ruled!!! This is where i learned to love the game. "You'll know when you go" indeed! Slapshot-the movie- played out live for all to see. The atmosphere was unreal. This carolina boy bred on acc hoops was hooked for life by the hits,the passion,the gosh darn fun of it all!
  4. Great poster! I'll be looking forward to my second game of the season. Amedeo's will be the scene of the pre game psyche-up! A little Italian,a little hockey? Badda-bing Badda-boom!-Ya know what I'm saying? Seriously, screw the trading deadline,It's time to start feeling the urgency of the situation. The rest of the league needs to understand that the Hurricanes are not a fluke! I've been following this franchise since Greensboro and I'm telling you: DANGER!:Hurricane warning! This is not a drill! Respect is something earned and this is the moment of truth. We must establish a play-off presence now!
  5. LeClair is definitely not a good fit . We need SPEED and lots of it.Someone to bring scoring threat to the third line like Cullen did last year. In my opinion,other than Staal's vanishing act,this is the key ingredient missing from last year's mix.
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