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  1. For the record... my Habs played awful on their season opener. But pulled a win. It was a miracle, really. Price saved their butts, like always. Not going to be a good season. I can just feel it. But i will keep my hopes up:D boy do I miss Komi.. stupid leafs:(
  2. I hate to bring this back up because it's kind of dead, but on a positive note..I am very alive here! Although I do not make graphics anymore and haven't for quite a while because I just don't have time between college/job/life but I hope to get into it again, and hopefully sooner rather than later:) And the people making signatures in my place here are aweeesome! just wanted to say. And thank you for caring:) makes me feel special.
  3. Here you are.. Hope you like it. Working on the other requests and I hope to have them finished in the next few days..
  4. So I like disappeared off the face of the planet for a little while and I apologize I had other things to take care of:) But I have a favor to ask.. everyone who made a sig request in this thread that hasn't gotten it done, please repost after this with your request again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it would reeeeally help me out considering I don't have a lot of time to make these and look through this thread for what's done and what isn't. Thank you guys! Sorry for the wait!
  5. Whatthepuck


    Oh my goodness! Lol! My poor tree! It was a gardening project I undertook two years ago... I planted my own trees lol and I think they're growing very well, thank you! Soooo..I almost started laying down water to make my own ice rink... then I realized I was in North Carolina and that it'd be 50 degrees the next day..
  6. Whatthepuck


    That made me laugh! lol! But no, I'm not done. I still have places to be:P I'm going to my friends house in about an hour.. then going sledding.. might go rent a movie with them later.. no one is safe! If you find anyone doing donuts in an empty parking lot, may be me, so watch out:P Honestly, I am not a reckless driver lol. I've been pretty safe so far.. nothing too crazy, so don't worry about me.
  7. Whatthepuck


    I thought I'd be really excited about the snow.. but I woke up this morning and I got really homesick! I miss the boyfriend, the family life, everything in Montreal.. geeze I'm a sap.. Some pictures.. Getting ready to go out! Me looking at the snow My poor tree and all the snow More of my yard covered in snow Thought I'd share:) I'm getting a laugh at people driving around at about 5 miles an hour! I've been all over the place today.. dropping off movies at blockbuster, going to the gym, visiting friends.. but I don't have winter tires or chains so it's pretty funny... sliding all over the road, couldn't find turning lanes, ended up in ditches:P and I've been laughing through all of it. Snow days are the best!
  8. Haha. I brought help! And more bad news.. I promised I'd have them done by the end of the weekend and I broke that promise and I'm very sorry! I just don't have time! They SHOULD be done by the end of this weekend! Sorry for the inconvenience everyone:( !
  9. Hey and thanks! I changed it into a portfolio because I had clients that needed to look at my site since I finally started doing freelance graphic design. I'm pretty pumped about it. But having a business is a lot of hard work! Of course
  10. Aww thank you! It was hard, sitting behind all these guys though and trying to get good pictures on the ice with them jumping over the boards and getting up every 5 seconds all over the place. I'll try to get seats behind the Hurricanes bench next time for better pictures
  11. Here you are, let me know what you think: It's alright! You're #3 on my list at the moment, but I should be able to get them all done by the end of the weekend. Hope that's alright:)
  12. Nah, I don't even think Tavares can make me like the Leafs. And that's saying a lot
  13. John Tavares as MVP. Oh that was amazing =) Nothing is as beautiful as hearing the anthem. Nothing better than winning.
  14. Isn't he? Love that kid. He's intense. I'm waaay looking forward to seeing him play. I'm diggin' Eberle. That kids going to Edmonton though. And I'll die if Tavares goes to the Leafs.
  15. Cody Hodgson making it hurt for the Swedes. Gorgeous. The Drive for 5. Has been accomplished:) RED WHITE AND GOLD!
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