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  1. tanabe never hits anyone so it must have been someone hitting him.
  2. Staal's problem is that he got married during the off season. Same thing happened to Cam Ward last year.
  3. only 1 person i like less than tanabe... that's arf farberts.
  4. argh.... i'm glad commie is back... see ya dave.
  5. resign tanabe and then promptly lose 2-0. not a coincidence.
  6. tanabe is an AHL level defenseman. this proves that we are the only team in the NHL who thinks otherwise.
  7. they've got the francis banner and sc banner at the wrong end of the upper deck view.
  8. i can renew my season tickets now... since big slow and tanabe will be gone.
  9. ric flair believes.... woooooooooooooooooooo
  10. if you want to cheer for your favorite cane tanabe with a cowbell then knock yourself out. not my cup o tea.
  11. i grew up in columbus and they used to do that at columbus clippers minor league baseball games. it was annoying then and would still be annoying now.
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