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  1. Exactly... and the product on the ice has been the best professional sports entertainment value imagineable. Way to go 'Canes!
  2. I tend to give more credit to Cole's timely arrival and the overall chemistry of the team. Maybe I don't give Mo enough credit... but I am pleased with what I am seeing on the ice in terms of effort and hustle. Cam Ward's play has been very good... nice to see him get the win in NJ.
  3. This actually sounds pretty good to me... guess I will have to save a few more pennies. Dollar for dollar, I still think NHL Hockey is the best pro-sport deal out there.
  4. I can almost feel bad for Dallas... ALMOST. How did they not expect some kind of embarrassing behavior from this "player?" If it wasn't this, it would be something else with him. Be interesting to see what Dallas does with him. And you are right... he will continue to be in the NHL because there are enough teams out there willing to rent his tired act for a season or two. My 2 cents.
  5. I think Ray Whitney could pull it off... his personality could light a fire.
  6. Exactly! Dropped our candy in the dirt on this one.
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