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  1. If you have a glen wesley retirement banner puck im interested in it
  2. looking for 2, prefer lower level south, just depends on what your asking.
  3. im looking for one ron francis retirement banner commemorative puck and a 2 glen wesley retirement banner commemorative pucks. thanks!
  4. no, though i never thought of that, i think there is a youth hockey group that is called category 5 hockey or something the league is called that cat 5.
  5. I posted im looking for tickets for the april 9th game, but if i cant get any i am looking to get one of the team posters that they are giving out as the giveaway for the april 9th game
  6. Im looking to buy two tickets for the season ender on april 9th vs tampa would prefer lower level if the price is right.
  7. Hey TSA, I inquired about them a couple weeks ago, i was actually looking for tickets for the 3/26 game against the lightning, he PM'd me that they were available, but he couldnt sell them until the day of the game, when i asked why is that, he stated in case something comes up. and never heard anything else from him. im not sure but i think hes either fullof crap and his tickets dont exist, or hes posting the 50.00 a ticket price etc etc and looking for people to get into a bidding war. just wanted to inform you guys i had issues about getting a straight answer about tickets also from him. luckily i got my tickets from fallen apostle, Ron is a great person to deal with if your buying ticket
  8. title says it all looking for 2 LL tickets for the march 26 game vs the lightning.
  9. PM to you. anyone else? or anyone possibly have tickets from the other games? or possibly a game 7 ticket not signed.
  10. hey everyone, i kind of have a off beat request, does anyone have their ticket stubs from the 06 finals? if so im looking for someone that has the set or at least game 7 so i can scan the image and make a copy to mat and frame with the autographed picture i have of brindy kissing the cup. so if anyone a) has the ticket and has a scanner and would be willing to scan the ticket stub for me. B. i live locally in raleigh wouldnt mind taking time to meet me at a staples or kinkos etc so i can scan it there, i would greatly appreciate it, i would be more than happy to compensate you in some way for your time.
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