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  1. I'm pretty sure that they replayed the Price/Sutter tussle in the crease after Sutter's breakaway last night, so it does happen sometimes.
  2. Usually, I find Trip's absurdity amusing, but he really needs to leave out the political stuff.
  3. Have any 10-gamers gotten their tickets yet? Mine haven't come and I am getting antsy.
  4. JR was on 850 AM yesterday morning. He said he wouldn't rule out looking at adding another forward or making changes to the forward lineup. He also said that there was more than one defenceman with a no-trade clause, despite the inferences made in the N&0 and elsewhere. Furthermore, he said that the defenceman's decision not to waive his clause does not affect team's view of him as a good player and part of the team going forward. So, I guess you could interpret those statements pretty freely.
  5. Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer to this one (it helps to vote after the fact). Go Heels! Go QT!
  6. What's missing from this insightful discussion is the wisdom of Niclas Wallin: (Lord Stanley's Blog)
  7. The great thing about the team is that they span a wide range of types. Willie is just all-out hot. Brindy is all-man hot. Cam is sweet, church-going boy cute. I could go on, okay- Frankie is really cute. Belanger made me look twice at a man with a faux-hawk. And now I'll stop (though I could come up with more).
  8. Culturally speaking, the North Carolina Museum of Art is very close to the RBC center; it has a good, comprehensive collection. A different October cultural attraction is the NC State Fair, though I know that they didn't have any home games during the fair this year.
  9. Certainly. And I promise I didn't mean to sound snippy. No worries- and I hope Justin is feeling better.
  10. From Lord Stanley's Blog on the N&O website: Williams would have been part of Monday' [shootout] study group, but was given the day off to rest. He is expected to play Tuesday at the Florida Panthers. So, I guess he wasn't there.
  11. Village Draft House at Cameron Village has Center Ice and pretty much always has the Canes on and other NHL games. Also, I think that there is a CI free preview starting tomorrow if you've got digital cable as I've been seeing those puckheads commercials and the TWC website lists it. I'm not totally sure how you get the free preview, but it looks worth a shot since no games are televised until the 16th.
  12. I consider myself a caniac, but I have to say the "redneck hockey" bit is not one of my favorites- maybe because I am a Raleigh native and don't consider myself a redneck at all. But then, the same goes for every time I see the Canes referred to as being in the heart of nascar country- which is really about two hours or so from here. When we went to opening night, some of my friends yelled 'git r done' and I found it amusing so I guess the redneck hockey thing is similar for some people. I thought the Duck hunters the other night were hilarious. I kind of wish people would chant "kill, kill" during the penalty kills, but I think I'm the only one.
  13. The opportunity to share my Canes sightings was too much to resist. Last week, I saw Frank Kaberle in the North Hills Target with his wife and daughter (once in the sports equipment area near the toys and at checkout). This summer, I happened to eat at the Macaroni Grill in Cary the night before Game 1 of the Finals. I was seated in a booth directly in front of Cam Ward and his father and now wife. Moments after Cam left the restaurant, Commie walked in and was seated at the bar. I didn't say anything to any of them, because I specialize in knowing glances and shyness.
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