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  1. I like his old mask only cause nickelback. but I guess his new mask will do
  2. Wardo don't have his jersy but still anyone else is just weird :-o
  3. I watched it at 7:07 in the morning but I've seen better. So I see why
  4. go on to www.NHL.com 4 free duh be a real canes fan :twisted: course I have the nhl ice centre
  5. Huch defently I mean last game purfect but by-by
  6. who am I #:30 pos:goalie heigt:6'1 wieght:200 origin:saskatoon,sk,canada canes 1st round choise in 2002 nhl entry draft
  7. canes------10000000000000000 islanders------0 belive in the boys 4 once in your life :x
  8. last nights game wow good BUT.....still no goalie fight :(I so cried no goalie fight wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy :?:but both goalies did good
  9. no no no:!: canes-----6 staal,brindy,williams,c adams,brindy2nd,staal2nd ducks-----0 that and 1 goalie fight giguere, grahme, grahme out,cam in :!:
  10. 1 he is so the man 2 I and my dad (cam ward) said he was good
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