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  1. Darn great quote ... (hey y'all from the UK .. missing you all - hope to get to a few games this season) Conor (my eldest) is an NHL stat nut and he's been gradually bringing me over to the opinion that we have a real team this year - but this puts it perfectly .... I just dont want goaltending to be "the thing" this year - hope Darling has a good year - in person last year saw him flub and get replaced by Cam in P3 to the cheers of the PNC (and me too - no disrespect but wanted to win) it wasnt pretty and I wish him all the best this year. I am jumping all over Conors head about Svech (his stats are just scary) - don't say it out loud .. the difference for me is how many other teams fans are high on him - I cant recall that since Skinner maybe ... and that was half jokingly about his ice skating pedigree. Zykov is my break out guy this year - saw him in person and on tv and liked everything I saw ... preseason so far ... not bad. I am allergic to optimism as far as the canes go. But roll on real hockey ...! SP PS GB Hockey qualifying for the top league was amazing this year - if you get a chance check out the highlights (until real hockey starts) - rank outsiders and fairytale win to get to the top table...
  2. Necas looked good ... Francis has had an inclination n the past to trust youth and talent, my $ is on him starting. Francis does not have to commit to having him the whole season - the upside is big, if it doesn't work out he ships him for injury recovery ... and darn he skates so well ..
  3. So ..containing my excitement for this season .... watched a couple of preseason games from the UK and 4 things stood out ... 1. Darn we are really really quick .... 2. Darn we have some serious skating and puck handling skills 3. Darn we are soooo young ..... 4. Darn Darling is a Giant I would give Faulk captaincy - I like defenders as captains and I think he would be great but I suspect it will be Skinner (with Williams as his personal A mentor).... which I think works ... but I like my skill guys to concentrate on just doing their thing .. the best player should not be the captain imho ...... But roll on the new season .. I seriously cant wait! By the way, welcome aboard sipower 1965! Yessir, the team is looking great from this side of the Pond also.
  4. yeah I am not getting it anymore ... an error on the site security level at google perhaps ... Just happened again ... here you go on the message .... Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on fans.hurricanes.nhl.com. Content from ncdivers.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware. Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion.
  5. Hi guys .. getting Chrome Malware warnings all over the new board - when I try to click links to threads....any ideas?
  6. Brilliantly put .. she was part of why I brought my young kids at first - a symbol of all that is good about Canes hockey - a game for all
  7. She suffered Alzheimer's in the last few years and getting to the RBC was almost part of her therapy, she loved the crowd and the memory and game trips helped her maintain some of her normal life. I like to think that her needing us at the end was just a wonderful chance for us to repay her with the love she gave us all, she certainly felt the deep affection we had for her every time she came to a game. I hope and trust the Canes will be represented at her memorial.
  8. Sad to report we lost Joyce Johnston (Dancing Granny) today ....a wonderful woman .. RIP ....
  9. So I am deeply affected by the euphoria of having my Canes back ... but really.... honestly ... I have just come off several days of listening to Forslund and Kaiton on radio interviews and watching Tripp on the ice and darn they really are a class above as the faces and voices of the franchise ......(and I have said this before in mid season slump). Rutherford too was classy in his interview - just hope we can get it going on the ice
  10. Ah yes please - even though he only played here a fairly short time I loved that man .....(in a respectful manly kind of way :-)
  11. Checkers have a solution to the lock out ..... Checkers up close and personal So I had a great time - bit of a combination of the homliness of AAA baseball with the quality of NHL Was hoping to see their 25 - one Wade Brookbank! - but he didnt suit up for the game - might go down again if we dont have some thing a bit more local to watch! If your thinking about it - I would highly recommend it! Hmm having problems loading images there - but it was a great night :-)
  12. Right enough of this "no hockey" season .. I am driving down to watch the Checkers next Sunday 25th Nov 3pm puck drop - have a 7 seat van, message me on here if you would like to join me - wearing a Canes jersey gets you a free ride ..... SP
  13. Is it just me or is there light at the end of the tunnel after today ... jeez I hope so ... Baseball is crud and nobody cares, NFL continues its dominance on tv .. there is just this huge gap waiting to be filled by an attractive, reasonably priced option ... now if only we could think of one that isnt in lockout...... Get the guys on the skates back from Europe and on the ice .... lets play some darned hockey
  14. "Nothing good can come of this...nothing," Hear hear ....and also a +1 to the previous erudite post "Well this sucks" ...... says it all really ... "Nothing good can come of this...nothing," Hear hear ....and also a +1 to the previous erudite post "Well this sucks" ...... says it all really ...
  15. The new levels of popularity of hockey is not like a golden egg but a golden acorn - I wish they wouldn't stamp on the darn thing ....I have enough difficulty in trying to persuade fans of other sports to watch without this ....
  16. Welcome indeed RyazanCaniac (and good to see you again Jod - when are we going to see you over at the PNC?) we're delighted to have you and as the season goes on we'll be asking you about Russian prospects and our own KHL players and coaches and how they are doing ....
  17. Well you are welcome here! We just don't like being called a "Southern expansion team that will never work" "Not a hockey town" or "Just waiting to be relocated to a real hockey market" .... we don't hate (except maybe the Sabres with good reason) and if you come down you are likely to be offered pulled pork in the car park while your kids play with ours and the beers before are offered with the offer of more later win or lose. Its our version of that hate-term "Southern Hockey" and it really is who we are and we're kinda proud of it :-) We've also been known to be fairly good on the ice from time to time ......
  18. Well this thread has cheered me .... my initial reaction was "oh crud" ....but some good points on spending money and getting used to the new rivals .... tough couple of years probably though ....
  19. Folks - Its wonderful that we dont "do" flaming on these boards - check out any other teams and you will see how lucky and classy we are as a fan group and thats one of the things I love most about being a caniac. I think this is a great "over beer" question, worthy of a thread even if you disagree ... so - easy on the digs .... I wouldnt have given the C to Staal at the time and said so on these boards but now he is I dont think we should take it away from him even if others have possibly better leadership skills - it sends the wrong message to a challenged team. However there are other ways to raise the profiles of the "A"'s which will help. How do you define an elite player? I would say one who any team would want ... in my mind we now have 4 elite players - Staal, Ward, Skinner and now Sutter - he spent time this off season with Brindy and it shows in his attitude and presence - we are lucky to have him and he will be a C one day ..... but not in this franchise now .... I do wonder why in the NHL it is common to make your best player captain and I'm not sure why ... great players do not necessarily make great captains - they are paid to do other things ... imho .. if they are great leaders thats a huge bonus but its not a reqiurement for me ....more media distractions more time away from the day job ...these days I see the C is a millstone not a milestone ....
  20. ... and mighty fine he looked too against the Preds ......
  21. So I just lost this reply so excuse if it comes in twice .... Long posts - yes please more, more - I read them all. I have been in NC for 6 years and watch every Canes game but have learned far more about strategy, lines and depth strength from this forum than from any other place - for me its a hockey education! (seriously) SP Who asked Conor, 10, what football season meant and he said "four weeks to hockey season" - that's my boy!
  22. One of the things on Stillman (though not at his current $ rate) is his PP and his influence on the kids. We are a seriously young team, with a lot of talent coming through - apart from strength and heart which they have - his brain in seeing unusual passes and experience in reading situations is a big plus - not in practice but on the ice every day. Its the forwards equivalent of the D pro's secrets on little pull backs and illegal checks .... Unless Cole wants stupid money - I would resign him .... Dwyer looks nailed on to be in the team and of the rest I liked Samson - I thought his posession skills especially on the boards were pretty awesome though I wish he had found the net .....
  23. We HAVE to do something for this team at a major game - and I don't mean for 2 minutes in between periods. As Canes fans we always tell everyone how we are a different "Southern Hockey franchise" about how we get it, about how important it is. These kids with Canes sweaters have just proved it to a global audience. When media outlets talk about us as a team they will mention the Stanley Cup, the All Star game and now they will mention this as proof that we are a hockey town. Everyone involved deserves huge credit, FSC coverage on a major night with players and management on the ice showing how much we are committed to NC hockey development. One other question does that put our Peewees in AA next year?
  24. Michael Farber SI: There is no better place in hockey in the United States than Carolina deep in the playoffs. How good is that from a global publication? And ---- ITS TRUE!
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