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  1. Hello Fellow Canes Fans, I'm a longtime visitor to the Board, and finally wanted to introduce myself. We are transplants from Ohio that are long time hockey fans, and we became Canes fans when we moved to Charlotte the Year of the Cup. Although we live in Charlotte we have the Weekend Mini-Plan and consider PNC Arena "home away from home." Nothing better than tailgating, hockey conversations with great fans, and then watching a win! I enjoy reading the boards and hope to make some posts now and then. Let's go Canes!!
  2. I enjoyed the Habs/Caps game last night. I thought the Habs looked a little flat in the 1st period and they were outshot 14-7. But, they got goals from 2 players who stepped up and scored their first of the season (Dandenault and Downey), Huet stood tall, and they ended up with a 2-0 lead after one period. After that, the defense and Huet shut the Caps down. Ovechkin only had 1 shot until the 3rd, when the Habs took a few dumb penalties at the end and gave the Caps some power plays. The Montreal special teams are really special and that will carry them a long way in the playoffs. And, Downey really did get smacked down in that fight. He was leaking when it was over and had to get some stitches!
  3. Let's stop their transition game and get a lot of traffic in front of Miller. Buffalo was on fire in the first 10 minutes of the Caps game on Tuesday, but played to protect the lead in the 2nd period and got pretty flat. I'd also like to see an early Canes goal to quiet that building.
  4. Neither the Florida stations nor FSN are televising the game, so it's not even on the Center Ice package. Looks like radio is it for tonight.
  5. Canes 4, Panthers 2 Goals by Staal, Stillman, Babchuck, and Whitney Let's get more shots this game since we're home and get the matchups we want.
  6. Given the upcoming schedule against Buffalo and Anaheim (and those being road/home back to back) this is a really big game tonight. The 2 points will be nice to get prior to that tough set of games. Get these 2 then let's see what we can grab against those 2 teams. At least we have the Flyers on New Year's Eve after the Sabres and Ducks. We'll need those 2 points as well. The Eastern Conference is so close right now!
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