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  1. I just spoke with the lady from the Hurricanes this morning. Based on my conversation with her he is definitely changing his number. Not sure why, but I told her to put my order on hold until he makes his new number official.
  2. Has anyone heard what Tim Gleason's new number will be this year? I had ordered a Gleason jersey from the Eye last week and got a call on friday that he would be changing his number in the next couple of weeks. Glad they called and gave me the option of putting my order on hold until his new number is announced.
  3. That was great! Love me some Irbe!
  4. One patch was simply an NHL2000 patch, another was for Carolina's inaugural season in Raleigh, and the last patch was to honor Steve Chiasson who died during the season.
  5. I checked my account manager today and the new ticket prices for next season are now showing up if you plan to renew the same seat location you had previously. I was in center ice premiere last year and it looks like the tickets went up roughly $5 per ticket for this year.
  6. I'm actually looking for a game photo of him wearing that jersey. The link you posted is the web shots for the person that actually owns this jersey. He is looking for an actual photo to go along with the jersey and I was trying to help him out.
  7. I think it was #15, but I'm not sure why he had that # instead of 14.
  8. The reason I knew is that my wife is a huge Irbe fan and we have one of his game worn jerseys from his last season with the Canes.
  9. I thought Irbe was the last player to wear #1. Jamie Storr wore #1 while Irbe was in Johnstown, but when Irbe was called up and Storr sent down Irbe finished up the 03-04 season as #1.
  10. XM is satellite radio. It was on channel 204 which is the NHL Center Ice station. I can't remember who was actually doing the show, but they did mention this rumor to Eklund and Eklund confirmed that he had heard some rumblings about it. I doubt it will actually happen, but wanted to confirm that it has been reported on XM radio.
  11. I heard the Doug Weight trade mentioned on XM yesterday evening around 6:30. It didn't sound like anything concrete. No names were mentioned as far as who the Hurricanes would give up for him. They mentioned how much Doug enjoyed playing for the Hurricanes and that most of us did not realize how close Weight actually came to signing with us for this year.
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