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  1. I WANT to believe that it was the cousin that did the assault and Patrick Kane was just guilty by association. Seems like an idiotic move for someone of his stature, regardless of what was in his system.
  2. Pretty poor write-up by NHL.com. So, did we pick at #11 or #63 at the '06 draft? We actually picked at #63 in '06, we had pick #11 at the '07 draft and used it on Brandon Sutter. They seem certain that Boychuk suited up for the Hurricanes towards the end of the regular season, as opposed to the start of the regular season. I'm sure there are more, but those were the two that really stood out and I have to question just how qualified some of these columnists are.
  3. The lowest salary of any defenseman close to him in the goal category this past season was $4.1 million, so Babchuk IS worth more than $1.2 million. I just hope that Rutherford gets some type of asset in return for him, whether it be a draft pick or prospect.
  4. Only issue with Afinogenov is that he hasn't played over 80 games in a season since the '01-'02 season and hasn't played over 70 games in a season since the '05-'06 season. He has missed significant time in each of the last three years, with two groin injuries and a broken wrist. The groin injury is especially concerning as it has cost him over forty games in the last two years.
  5. Next season, we currently have about $37 million committed to twelve forwards and four defensemen. With the current depth chart on the website as a template, here are the potential holes for the '10-'11 season: ??? / Staal / Cole Samsonov / ??? / Ruutu LaRose / Jokinen / ??? ??? / Brind'Amour / Kostopoulos -Bowman, Boychuk, Dwyer, Sutter Gleason / ??? Pitkanen / ??? ??? / Alberts -McBain Ward would need to be first priority, hopefully his contract will be taken care of this offseason. After that, I would expect to see Cullen re-signed to center the second-line. On defense, set Gleason and Pitkanen as the top-pair. Re-sign Ward to an affordable contract, if he still wants to play, to anchor the second-pair with either Carson or McBain. Whichever doesn't earn a spot on the second-pair can fill out the third-pair beside Alberts. With those moves made, unless he over-pays for somebody, Rutherford should still have enough room to make a move for Frolov to fill out that spot on the top-line.
  6. Agreed. If Frolov doesn't re-sign in Los Angeles, I fully expect that he'll be a Hurricane sometime in the next calender year. Rutherford wanted to acquire him as part of the Jack Johnson deal, as well as straight-up for Erik Cole before he was denied by the Kings' general manager both times.
  7. I've heard that he wanted a one-year deal at $5 million, but I've also heard that he wanted a multi-year deal while all teams would offer was a one-year deal. He may still be out of the realm of possibility with the self-imposed salary cap, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to explore that option. Maybe make a one-year contract offer at $3.5 to $4 million. If he doesn't work out we can deal him at the deadline or walk away next offseason. However, if it does work out, we can use some of the available salary next offseason to lock him into a long-term deal.
  8. The last piece that could really take this team from "solid" to "Cup contender", in my opinion, is Alex Tanguay. It will take a Kaberle buyout and a slight increase in the self-imposed budget, but I think Tanguay would fall under the "player to make an exception for" umbrella. He's style of play is similar to Stillman's, which is why I think he'd be the perfect fit on the first-line with Cole and Staal. Tanguay may also be desperate enough at this point to take a pay-cut from his earlier rumored demands.
  9. I would've been more on board for a $3 million, $3.5 million, and $4 million escalator contract.
  10. Nice deal, if he can stay healthy over the duration of the contract.
  11. You also have to consider that Zherdev would present the same type of contract issues that Babchuk has. The KHL will always be an option if he doesn't like it here and he has already worked his way out of one small-market team (Columbus).
  12. Well, that's a shame. I still think Murphy will be in the ECHL next season, it's the best possible "next step" for his style of play.
  13. I could see a scenario where Manzato returns to Switzerland, David Leggio (who spent last season as the #1 goaltender for the Florida Everblades) could be given the opportunity to back-up Peters in Albany, and Murphy would be the #1 goaltender for the Everblades.
  14. Sounds like another writer that doesn't understand the self-imposed budget that Carolina operates with. Rozsival is set to earn $6 million this season, the same salary as Eric Staal. After that, he is due $4 million the next season and $3 million the season after that. Unless Rutherford wants to inflate the eventual contract demands of players like Corvo, Gleason, and Pitkanen, he'll stay away from Rozsival.
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