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  1. Oh, totally not saying Apple is Kool-Aid free but just speaking about what I'd experienced. Heck, I heard Starbucks is like that too but it won't stop me from ordering my tall caramel apple spice no whip
  2. Hrmph - not sure. That would be a good google search to see if it has ever been done in previous years.
  3. It may be my imagination but I'm fairly certain he said the same thing in October 2006 about Vista. Having worked for Microsoft, having had strong objections to Vista and seeing just how much kool aid Ballmer serves, of course I have doubts! Which PCs? If you have the top-notch state-of-the-art PC with ridiciulous amounts of things most offices don't have or need, I guess he'd be right.
  4. kam-ch1

    Ohoh It Broke

    Hahahahaha. Oops I mean poor Microsoft.
  5. We just got two tickets today for row XX. Not last row but darned close. I assume this not only leaves better seats available but makes the place look more full with people filling up the first and last rows. Usually by "not available" they mean "we're hoping to get some more STH and are reserving those seats in case". They then release the tickets to be sold on the day of the game. This was a huge pet peeve of mine when we were STH and we would push back with some success.
  6. Bravo, hag65, for saying exactly what many of us are thinking.
  7. I actually got an email this morning. On sale today at 10 am and through Friday. Let me know if you need the info.
  8. Not sure about that deal (no longer a STH) but to my knowledge, Ticketmaster pretty much can say "no" to any and all early notice on events if they choose. I'm a STH for the new Durham theater and while we got early notice for many events, they did not extend the courtesy for Robin Williams (but Ticketmaster did offer me tickets to the event if I wanted to be considered VIP and spend $500 a ticket). Yeah, no thanks! I'd contact the Canes organization to find out though. That was supposedly one of the perks of being a STH and if they took that away, you should have been contacted. I doubt they did and it was more Ticketmaster controlling things.
  9. Well the quality of t-shirt is so poor I'm surprised the things don't unravel on their way into the crowd. I always get a good chuckle that people go nuts over them. If they weren't free, people wouldn't want them. Even if they were $1, no one would want them but free? People are willing to inflict bodily harm on themselves trying to catch them.
  10. She has gotten a lot better. I just wish she'd work on the musicality. The voice itself is pure and there's not much improvement needed there. When you slow the tempo from moderato to largo at the very end, it isn't dramatic as I think her music teacher thinks it is. Maybe she needs a better music coach!
  11. Before 6 and 42, I'm fairly certain Tim Gleason had #8. Too bad the signature looks NOTHING like "Tim Gleason"!
  12. Well, it is a well-known fact that there are tons of CT transplants in Detroit. Okay, okay, probably more likely is the fact that Pronger was a Whaler and they're giving him an "in your face" moment. Or it was a coincidence.
  13. Damn you all for bringing up the Brass Bonanza. Now, like Chris Pronger, can't get the &*%)* thing out of my head. And the Canes played it during a game last year during the playoffs, it can't be SO bad. Wish I had my Whale sweatshirt on at the time, but ah well. I hope Hartford gets a team. My parents would be thrilled because I'd visit more often
  14. One thing we noticed in Premier parking is to park just a bit further out away from the building. The walk is about 2 minutes more but you save time upon exiting. The thing I hated about premier parking was that they let taxis exit before people who actually PAID to be in the lots. One of the complaints on my premier season ticket holder survey was about the parking. The premier parking at other events is awesome - you are basically treated like VIP. Not so at hockey events.
  15. Too many to count honestly! Growing up in a huge sports family and in a region where there was tons going on (living in CT, we had access to NY and Boston not to mention UCONN, Whales and Yale), if we weren't attending a game a family member was involved in somehow, we were attending something. Last year we went to about 10-15 home Canes games - the only loss I saw was Sabres first game playoffs. We attended all home games this year and we all know how that turned out.
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