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  1. Who all is going to this? I will be there with my daughter.
  2. Just as it is the right of the people sitting next to you to tell you to SHUTUP. Correct? Many of us pay a lot of money to see these games. The last thing we want to hear is some fan impersonator booing the team.
  3. Quite a leap there isn't it? Who said anything about a standing ovation? I believe there is a middle ground. So somewhere between NOT booing and not giving a standing ovation will suffice quite nicely.
  4. I am a chick...I think it is hilarious.
  5. I may be wrong, but I believe during that time they were both in Washington working in the Senate. I dont' believe they were in NC during the time of the parade. My friend Lori is Burr's assistant I will ask her.
  6. That video was a riot. President Bush is a funny guy and the team really seemed to enjoy his speech. I really like how Rod raised his hand when Bush mentioned their noses.
  7. Yeah...that Hurricane logo is definately weak. :roll: I mean...just look at that Penguin on those other jerseys. Now that is a force to be reckoned with.
  8. I sent their editor an email pointing out the error. I figured hey...might as well. I told them that I didn't think even BrindAmour could help the professional football team in North Carolina win the Stanley Cup.
  9. Scotty 9.5 WINNAH! Chris 4.75 :lol:
  10. Where shall we start posting the photos? :wink: You GO Mike! If I were a chick I'd probably be stalking Williams though. Maybe Wizard (does anybody else here think he's a dead ringer for Warren Beatty?). Cam's got that boyish charm about him, as does Staal, but Willie's got a kind of ... "dangerous" look about him. Brindy's appeal comes more from the inside that the outside, but that can go a long way too. But personally I'd take our very own "Captain" -- 300Section -- over pretty much anybody. She got it goin' on! :wink: Haha! Are we going to have to open a third thread for Hotties Of The Boards? You mean my "Goddesses of the Caniac Nation" project? Why not? I'll be happy to supply the photos... :mrgreen:
  11. I am a total Rod woman here too!
  12. That is very cool! I haven't made it to a practice yet but plan on taking my son very soon.
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